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Fireplaces Serve as a Safe Source of Heat and a Favorite Feature in Homes - Seekonk, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 08, 2014

Fireplaces in Seekonk, MA are designed to heat homes efficiently during a cold weather. Apart from providing a cozy atmosphere where you can relax and be comfortable especially during fall and winter, they are also perfect in delivering an appealing visual effect to the room in which they are located.

The necessity of having a reliable, more efficient and more economical source of heat during the long cold months has caused the demand for fireplaces to increase in Massachusetts. Due to modern technology, there are now fireplace models that are not only beautiful, but they also meet and exceed your expectations regarding effectively providing clean and safe heat. Fireplaces are very much able to improve the interior design of many homes.

The cost of heating homes climbs during the fall and winter. But with fireplaces, everyone is able to save money while still keeping their homes at a comfortable temperature. As an excellent source of heat, wood burning fireplaces are a great addition to every home, warming a room in just a matter of minutes. Even though they are often associated with the wintry weather, fireplaces can actually be used most of the year, in many locations in Massachusetts, especially on the Cape.

While providing warmth, fireplaces have become a focal point in many homes. You can find plenty of choices at The Fireplace Showcase.

Heat your Home with Wood Fireplace Inserts

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Electric Companies are informing their customers that the best way to save energy at home is to supplement your home heating. Are you looking for a way to decrease your home energy bills? Install a fireplace insert.

You can save quite a bit of money by installing a wood burning fireplace insert in your home. You can supplement your heating bill, or take your home off the grid altogether. But, by installing a fireplace insert you can also create an atmosphere in your home that is warm, welcoming and relaxing.

Had enough of these heating bills in Massachusetts? Wood Inserts are a great way to cut back on utility bills, but they are not only functional. They are beautiful additions to your home, adding warmth and ambiance to any room.

Another benefit to wood burning fireplace inserts is your fuel is paid for in advance. There are no shocking gas, oil or electric bills to pay for. Your wood is bought in advance and you can heat your home all winter long.
Contact Fireplace Showcase for ideas on the best fireplace insert for your home.

End your Day with a Relaxing Wood Stove or Insert

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Temperatures at night have been dropping, the cold nights of Massachusetts are about to begin. Wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts can heat your home and bring relaxing warmth to your evenings.

Wood is an excellent, efficient, and attractive way to heat your home. Wood inserts and stoves by Napoleon and Vermont Castings are a cost effective way to heat your home.  But not only will you save money with wood heat, you add a relaxing and comfortable ambiance to your home.
A wood stove burns efficiently and beautifully and will add atmosphere to any room. Pretty soon the days and nights that call for a beautiful fire in your living room will be upon us.

Enhance the beauty of that old hearth with a wood burning stove or fireplace insert. Discover the warmth and beauty of a wood burning fire. Contact us at Fireplace Showcase.

Massachusetts Home Heating Bills will be Costly this Winter

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Massachusetts households will face higher heating costs this winter. The fuel oil prices have hit their highest summer levels in three years.

Heating oil prices in Massachusetts averaged $3.73 a gallon last month, up $1 from the same time last year, and 31 cents above the average price last winter.

If prices stay where they are, according to an analysis of US Energy Department data, it would boost the average Massachusetts heating bill by about $225 this winter.

Higher energy costs act like a tax, siphoning money that consumers might spend on other goods and services. Discretionary spending goes way down when heating your home and food take precedence.

Where heating oil prices might go remains unclear. Any number of factors could affect the price, including the progress of the economic recovery, global demand for oil, the strength of the dollar, and severity of the winter.

The key factor, of course, is the price of crude oil, which accounts for about 60% of the cost of heating oil. Crude has been particularly volatile over past few months, going above $100 dropping back to $80 and hitting everywhere in between.

No one knows what oil prices are going to do, but there is speculation that they will not come down. Many expect prices to remain high through the winter, rising at least in the early part of the season. Consumers should not expect oil prices to drop.

Original article Boston Globe

Buy a New Wood Stove or Insert on the Tax Free Holiday

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 03, 2011

August 13th and 14th is the Massachusetts Tax Free Holiday Weekend. This is the perfect time to shop for a new pellet or wood burning stove or fireplace insert.

Wood burning fireplace inserts can warm up a room and increase heating efficiency. Wood Inserts have closed insulated doors which slow down the fire and increase its temperature which results in increased energy efficiency. They also have added features like blowers, fans and thermostats. Together, they provide a good way to help lower utility bills as well as adding charm to any room.

Wood burning stoves provide warmth, charm, and efficiency and are a renewable source of energy. Wood burning stoves put out an efficient, comforting dry heat. Wood burning stoves look great in old and modern homes alike and are a great alternative to a standard fireplace. Wood burning stoves come in many styles and finishes and match any kind of décor.

At the Fireplace Showcase we carry a very broad selection of wood, and pellet stoves and inserts including models from Quadra-Fire, Napoleon, Monessen and Vermont Casting. Our showroom is the largest in the area as is our inventory. Also, we cater to both the home owner and the contractor.

Chimney Caps Protect Your Chimney from Nesting Birds

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The warmer weather is on its way, and like many in Massachusetts, you love your hearths, but cannot wait to stop heating your home and open the windows. For many, the time to shut down and clean up the fireplace is just as fun as the first time we light it for the season.  It is time to clean out and clean up your fireplaces, stovesinserts and chimneys.
Chimney Caps are an integral part of the venting system for your fireplace and the venting system is an integral part of your overall fireplace system. The weather and the wildlife are the biggest enemies of your chimney. The birds are out and trying to find a great place to make their nests, what better place than your cozy, dark chimney. Birds and other animals contribute to your chimneys’ demise. All kinds of animals like to make their homes in chimneys especially if the fireplace has not been used for a couple of years.
When chimneys are not correctly sealed, moisture gets into the cracks and seams and can ruin the chimney. Brick chimneys are extremely susceptible. This is where chimney caps can provide extra protection. Chimney caps protect against all types of weather and wind, all of which can erode a chimney. Chimney caps can really prolong the structural integrity of a chimney.

If chimney caps are not in place this spring, the risk from weather and animals is dramatically increased. There are different kinds of chimney caps for masonry or stainless steel chimneys. And Fireplace Showplace can help you decide which style is best for your home.

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