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Wood Stoves and Fireplace Inserts for Dependable, Beautiful Heat

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 14, 2013

How many homeowners lost power this winter? How did they heat their homes while they waited for the power to get turned back on? Those homeowners who heated with wood had no worries about warmth. Wood stoves and wood burning fireplace inserts allow you to stay warm even without power. It may be March, but this is a great time to invest in a wood stove or fireplace insert if you haven’t already.

When you see snow and wind outside, it makes the idea of heating with wood sound all that much more warm and inviting. It is very comforting when a storm blows through to know that regardless of the weather, you and your family will be warm. When winter brings power outages, a wood stove allows you to cook and stay warm.

Today’s wood stoves and inserts are certified, which means they use less wood than older stoves, they burn cleaner, and they create more heat. So buying a wood stove now could possibly be the best time to buy one. As home heating fuel prices rise, home owners are re-discovering the beauty of wood stoves as a cheaper option and as a design feature for their home. Today’s wood stoves and inserts have come a long way.
The fire box in wood stoves is designed to burn wood efficiently. This gives you more heat from each piece of wood, and the heat is still cleaner and hotter than older stoves. So when you heat your home with a wood burning stove or fireplace insert, there are many benefits: Lower heating bills, guaranteed heat when the power goes out, and best of all, beauty and ambiance. Once installed, a wood burning stove can give you a lifetime of trouble-free heat.

There's nothing like wood heat to sooth the soul and warm the body! For more information on wood burning stoves and inserts, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Heating with Wood Provides Comfort in Many Ways

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heating with wood has come a long way since the time of the old wood stove.

The new wood burning stoves are incredibly efficient and can be equipped with fans and thermostats. You burn much less wood and have some control over the temperature settings. And the money you can save on home heating can be quite substantial. Instead of spending $1000’s p a year for oil a wood burning fireplace insert can save half that over the course of one winter by burning wood.  

Reduced heating costs are a big factor in the decision for many homeowners. Using wood stoves and inserts saves money, but there are other factors too. Homeowners can save money, increase home value, add ambiance, do something good for the environment and support local businesses and jobs.

Winter is at our doorstep. There is comfort by heating with wood. Knowing that whatever the weather decides to throw at us, there will still be heat, and there are few worries about running out of fuel or running out of heat when the power goes out.

For more information, contact Fireplace Showcase.

Excerpts Cape Breton Post

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