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Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove Inserts are a Practical Investment that can Provide Powerful Heat for a Lifetime – Seekonk, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It may no longer be winter but it does not mean you will no longer need your fireplace insert in Seekonk, MA . It still gets cold on the Cape in spring and even on summer evenings so you will still need your fireplace insert to generate heat to provide you with warmth and comfort in your living space.

Among the selection of fireplace inserts, the Quadra-fire pellet stove insert is popularly known for its bold design and performance. Apart from its impressive heating efficiency that can be adjusted easily using the programmable thermostat or optional remote control, it also instantly adds to the aesthetic value of your home with its stunning full bayview door. This insert can complement the interior design of any home.

Pellet stove inserts can provide a home with powerful heat for many years which is why they are considered to be a practical investment. Performance is standard when using this style fireplace insert which burns pellets to generate safe and sufficient heat.

Find out why “nothing burns like a Quad.” For more details about the Quadra-Fire pellet, The Fireplace Showcase.

Give Your Fireplace a Whole New Look – Seekonk, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 31, 2013

Does your home have a traditional, open wood-burning fireplace that you don’t want or like to use? A new fireplace insert can give your existing fireplace a whole new look with choices that can be more efficient or convenient.

There are natural gas fireplace inserts, as well as fireplace inserts that are like wood stoves and pellet stoves.

Fireplace inserts are designed to go into existing fireplaces that meet the current standards of the Building Code.

Gas and wood burning fireplace inserts come in a variety of sizes and a variety of heat outputs. Basically with the gas units you can get anywhere from 17,000 BTUs up to about 40,000 BTUs. There is a difference in heating capacity from the low end to the high end inserts, you can heat from a 700 or 800 square foot home all the way up to a 1,800 or 2,000 square foot home.

A wood burning fireplace insert is basically a wood stove designed to fit inside your open fireplace, making your fireplace far more efficient. Depending on their size, wood-burning inserts can heat areas in the range of 1,000 to 1,200 square feet all the way up to about 3,500 square feet.

Some fireplace inserts can burn for six- to seven-hours and others can burn for up 10 hours.  There also are pellet-burning inserts, which are like having a pellet stove installed in an open fireplace.

Are you trying to decide what kind of insert may be suitable for your fireplace? The most important thing to consider is what you expect to get and what you need from the fireplace insert.

Is it just the esthetics and the look that you want, or do you want a functional fireplace insert that is going to be able to give you a lot of heat? At the same time, most of the gas appliances work in power outages, so they are a tremendous secondary heat source as well.

Wood burning fireplace inserts can work without power, but pellet stove inserts require electricity. You also may want to consider your lifestyle before making a decision.

Pellet or gas inserts are more convenient than wood. So, you should consider if you want- and have the time- to stack and cut firewood. Or do you just want to be able to push the button and have the fireplace come on?

For more information, contact The Fireplace Showcase.


Warm all Winter Long - Pellet Stove Insert Sale

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fireplace Inserts are installed inside an existing masonry fireplace to provide a more efficient, clean burning fire. They can be wood, pellet or gas.

If you are looking for the premier pellet stove insert, look no further than The Castile Insert. This pellet stove insert can add beauty and warmth to any home. In classic black, the detailed cast iron design makes this fire a focal point of your home.

The Castile pellet inserts work with any décor, and will keep you cozy and warm while you enjoy your home.  You’ll stay nice and toasty while you enjoy the quiet ambiance, thanks to the high efficiency heat exchanger and patented combustion system.  

But this pellet stove insert is convenient and easy to use too. Even if you have never lit a fire before, this stove is easy to ignite, and will run smoothly keeping you warm all winter long.
The Castile Pellet Stove Insert:

  • Traditional Cast Iron Styling
  • Self Lighting and Fully Automatic
  • Thermostat Control
  • Herringbone Brick Interior
  • Aluminum Heat Exchanger
  • Jam Proof Feed System
  • EZ Clean Firepot
  • Mobile Home Approved
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Heating Capacity: up to 1,500 square feet
  • BTU Output: 8,000 - 30,000
Contact Fireplace Showcase for more information on this Beautiful pellet stove insert for 10% off in stock right now.

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