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Swing Sets are Perfect for Your Child's Birthday Party - Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Fantasy Tree Swing Set

Swing sets can be for everyday use, but they can also be the theme for your child's birthday party when you give one as a gift. Add a creative twist to your child’s birthday this summer by making a wooden swing set the centerpiece of the celebration.

Swing sets in Providence, RI can create fun summer memories for your kids. Your family and your child’s friends will surely love the fun a swing set can bring to a birthday party or other kid’s celebration.

Throw a private children's party with a wooden swing set where the kids can climb, bounce, and glide. Swing sets are so versatile and can be installed safely so you can relax and watch your kids enjoy the outdoors.

Your backyard can be a venue for fun with the kids. Swing sets offer all kinds of fun in one spot; there are so many models to choose from, so many ways to play, so many kinds of accessories. Your kids will surely enjoy these wooden jungle gyms for years, not just on their birthday.

Wooden swing sets offer numerous ways to make your swing the center of the summer fun and activities - whether you want your backyard to be the number one stop for all the kids in the neighborhood, or the coolest spot for summer parties. If you have questions about swing set models, visit the showroom at The Fireplace Showcase.

Swing Sets: Things to Think About Before Buying One – Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 30, 2014
Dream Swing Set

Swing sets come in several sizes and set-ups, from the most basic model to the most extreme. Below are a few guidelines you should take into account when purchasing or ordering a custom-designed swing set.

Yard Size 

Beyond thinking about your budget, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a swing set is the size of the yard. Photos can give the wrong idea regarding the size of a swing set featured. Even buying a swing set in person can give an unrealistic estimate about the size, especially if the stores’ showroom is spacious. The best thing to do is to measure the size of the yard from boundary to boundary. Also consider the pathways, pools, patios, pits and other common yard features because these can affect the position of your swing set. Also, enough space must be available for swinging once the set is installed.

Ideal Features 

Visit a showroom to see what features the children are drawn to most. Often, what the parents imagine as ideal will not be the features that the kids will find fitting. Taking them to the park can help you and your children decide on which features are ideal. Consider the pros and cons of every type of swing set. Getting a unit that can grow with your children will also be the most convenient choice.

Construction Materials 

The decision-making does not end after choosing the ideal features for swing sets in Rhode Island. Construction materials used in the unit must also be compared. Which is safest for the kids and most convenient to parents? Wooden swing sets are easier to repair and are resistant to rotting.

To get more information about swing sets, visit The Fireplace Showcase.

Have Fun with a Safe Swing Set in Your Own Backyard – Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 22, 2014

Swing sets are safe and fun for kids and their friends this season. A backyard swing set is the perfect place for kids to play with friends, without having to worry about their safety.

Most of the time kids spend on play sets is on the swings. Why not provide at-home entertainment for your kids in your backyard by buying and installing your own wooden swing set. It is more convenient for parents than heading to play at the park and you can always be comfortable with the safety and security of a swing set in your backyard. Parents want their kids to get outside, enjoy fresh air, get exercise and play in the sun. Swing sets are a good way to encourage them to get outdoor exercise, stay healthy, and have quality family time.

Let the spring and summer fun begin. For outdoor fun this season, you can set-up your swing set in your own backyard where your kids can invite their friends over for outdoor activities.

Swings and swing sets are both exciting and relaxing for children. Wooden swing sets come in all kinds of sizes and styles. So you can choose the ideal features that will encourage your kid’s fun and imagination.

For information on the wonderful, affordable, and reliable wooden swing sets available at the Fireplace Showcase, contact us.

Wooden Swingsets Encourage Active Play

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 13, 2011

Swingsets are one of the most popular toys in a family’s backyard. They provide unlimited fun and joy for your kids. Wooden swingsets are gaining more and more in popularity because of their appearance and safety.

Safety is always a concern for parents. Unlike metal swingsets, wooden swingsets can be exposed to the hot sun and the wood will not get heated, allowing kids to still be able to play. Also, wooden swingsets can withstand any weather conditions for years.

Wooden swingsets have different shapes and sizes to meet your needs and to fit into your backyard design. At Fireplace Showcase we offer swingsets with innovative designs, quality construction and exceptional value that have gained us the confidence of thousands of customers.  Our swingsets help families enjoy outdoor play together and sow the seeds of a healthy, active lifestyle that gaming systems and television simply can't provide.

Whether simple or sophisticated, Fireplace Showcase offers a swing set option suitable for almost any outdoor space. Contact us today.

Enhance Your Backyard with a Wooden Swing Set

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 18, 2011

Have you ever heard the names of Eastern Jungle Gyms’ swing sets? Dream, Fantasy, Sky, and Dreamscape; the names of these swing sets say it all. Capture your child’s imagination this spring and summer and add a fun, new, wooden swing set to your yard and their adventures.
These wooden jungle gyms are designed to fit your yard and your budget. With clubhouses with a large extended tent top or wood roof with standing room; or maybe your kids want two clubhouses and the deluxe rock wall and the spiral tube slide. Your kids will have endless hours of fun on these jungle gyms! Some models come with a double wide monkey bar with a tire swing and a gym ring/trapeze bar combo.

An Eastern Jungle Gym will enhance your back yard. They have become synonymous with quality, strength and value. At Fireplace Showcase, see how you can add and change options on to your swing set and let the adventures and the day dreams begin!  

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