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MHP Grills - Profile Bravo Kamado & Solo Cart - The Fireplace Showcase, MA, RI

Constructed with high-quality ceramic and commercial-grade stainless steel our new Bravo Kamado grill gives you the flexibility to grill, sear or smoke foods while the stainless steel ProFire Solo cart offers superior conscruction and front-load design for easy installation of kamado grill.

Profile Bravo

The ProFire Bravo comes fully assembled!

  1. Cast Aluminum dual-action top vent allows for quicker starting, searing and fine-tuning of heat adjustme
  2. Easy to read extra large thermometer
  3. Naturally mold and mildrew resistant bamboo folding side shelves with stainless steel utensil holders
  4. Bamboo lid handle
  5. Stainless steel bottom vent
  6. Durable commercial-grade stainless steel stand construction
  7. Locking casters provide both moveability and security

Profile Solo

The ProFire Solo is designed to carry most Kamado grills including the new ProFire Bravo charcoal grill.

  1. Access doors for easy entry to the convenient storage areas.
  2. Heavy-duty locking swivel casters for maneuverability
  3. Front load design for easy loading/unloding of Kamado grills. (patent-pending)
  4. Integrated bottle opener
  5. Stainless steel side shelves with utensil holders

ProFire Bravo Kamado Grill Features & Benefits

Ceramic Fire Sleeve, Fire Bowl & Cast Iron Grid

1" thick ceramic walls along with large inside diameter allows for better heat retention and more even heat distribution.

Commercial-grade Stainless Steel Bands, Hinges, Springs and Hardware

Makes the entire grill more resistant to rust.

Stainless Steel Lid Shock Absorber

Protects ceramic by softening closure of lid.

Cast Aluminum Top Vent

Solid cast aluminum construction provides no rust durability and complete heat control. Vent is secured to unit and has a sealing gasket to prevent unwanted heat from escaping.

3-1/8" Diameter Stainless Steel Thermometer

One of the largest on the market! The large size of this thermometer makes it easier to read and maintain desired temperature.

Bamboo Side Shelves, with integrated commercial-grade stainless steel utensil holders,

are naturally water and mold-resistant adding to the grills overall durability and weather-resistant construction.

Hinged Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Grid

Add charcoal easily without having to remove entire grid.

Stainless Steel Cart

Durable commercial-grade stainless steel stand construction.

Plus, the
ProFire Bravo
comes fully


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