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Durasol SunGuard Window Awnings & Stationary Awning Products, The Fireplace Showcase - RI & MA

SunGuard Window Awnings

Durasol's window awnings offer you an elegant and practical way to protect your home from the sun's harmful rays. Custom-made and professionally installed, our comprehensive line of window awnings offer you the control you need to maximize your indoor comfort and control cooling costs, while adding architectural interest to your home or business.

SunGuard® window awnings are unsurpassed for style, function, simplicity, and quality - exactly what you have come to expect from Durasol.

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SunGuard® Steelox

The SunGuard® Steelox is a retractable window awning with contemporary flair and satin stainless steel components which complement applications where modern architectural designs and materials have been utilized.

SunGuard® Topaz

The SunGuard® Topaz is perfect for windows up to 16' wide. When retracted, the sleek design of the cassette enables the front bar to fit snug with the rest of the unit for a sleek, compact appearance.


SunGuard® Onyx

The SunGuard® Onyx is Durasol's longest retractable window awning with widths up to 40'. This awning is ideal for covering large windows while providing superior solar protection for your home furnishings or business assets.

SunGuard® Romanza

The SunGuard® Romanza is a new European style awning with en exciting contemporary flair. This stationary awning for doors and windows is available in four distinctive models. The special poly-carbonate panels provide superior weather protection while allowing light to filter through.


SunGuard® SunCatchers®

The SunGuard® SunCatchers® contain four different styles to choose from. Retractable or stationary, there is a style to meet your unique need.


Stationary Awning Products

Our window awnings are unsurpassed for style, function, simplicity, and quality - exactly what you have come to expect from Durasol.

American Classic

The American Classic combines the romance and style of yesteryear with today's advances in design and materials. They blend beautifully with other awnings, and also provide the protection needed to block the sun's direct light and radiant heat effects.

Shed Awning

The Shed Awning is a traditional style awning used for home and business. The Shed accents entrances and windows as well as protects customers from rain and snow. Graphics for business or store identity can easily be accommodated on both the body and valance of this style.


Dome Awning

The Dome Awning is a traditional favorite to add interest and elegance to a home or business. Graphics can easily be accommodated with the addition of a rigid or loose valance.

Waterfall Awning

The Waterfall Awning is a smooth curve unit which can be used to break up the hard lines of a building facade while adding color and light in a continuous band or in segments. The optional rigid valance can easily accommodate many types of graphic text and logos for business or store identity.


Waterfall Awning with Dome Ends

The Waterfall Awning w/ Dome Ends creates more coverage and blends the two styles of waterfall and dome without adding to the expense of having to upgrade to a custom awning. The optional rigid valance can easily accommodate extensive graphic text and logos for business or store identity.

Shadow and Breeze Awnings

The shed style Shadow and Breeze Awnings are traditional style stationary awnings for use on homes and businesses. These awnings are designed for year-round installation with minimal maintenance.


Custom Products

Custom Products are designed to meet your individual needs. Whether it is a unique setting that needs an awning to blend in, or a building with unique structural features, a Custom Product can provide the shade and protection you're looking for.





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