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Blaze King Wood Stoves - The Fireplace Showcase, MA, RI

Blaze King catalytic wood stoves are four times more fuel efficient than other leading brands. Our bimetal coil thermostat keeps the temperature nice and even. Blaze King manufacturers the top 2 most efficient wood stoves in North America. The King being #1 at 88% LHV an 82% EPA Listed Efficiency and #2 is the Princess at 88% LHV and an 81% EPA Listed Efficiency.



At 88% efficiency (82% HHV) the King is the most efficient wood stove in the world.


The Princess, has a large 2.85cu.ft. firebox.

Ashford 30

The Ashford 30 has a beautiful Cast Iron body which is available in three colors.

Chinook 30

The Chinook 30 has a modern European design with curved sides that give the stove a softer, more elegant, appearance.

Chinook 20

here is a strong European influence in its design from the integrated legs to the large rectangular glass viewing area.

Sirocco 30

Customize your Sirocco 30 by choosing either the Pedestal or Cast Leg version.

Sirocco 20

You can customize your Sirocco stove to match the decor of your home.

Royal Guardian

Fine, solid European cast iron design with advanced wood burning technology…

Briarwood II

The Briarwood II has a large wide-screen viewing area at 22" x 11". and will take a 22" log.


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