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MA Campaign to Replace Older Wood Stoves Kicks Off at Fireplace Showcase

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
The Fireplace Showcase - Wood burning stoves in Providence, RI

Wood burning stoves are a way for home and business owners to assert their energy independence by using wood pellets or logs as an alternative heating fuel.

But many of those stoves were early models designed in the 1970s and ‘80s and lack the energy efficiency and cleaner burning capabilities of later models.

The administration of Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito recently announced $450,000 in funding for the 2018 Woodstove Change-out Program that provides rebates to homeowners who replace older stoves with cleaner, EPA-certified models.

The announcement was made by state energy and environmental officials during a tour of the Fireplace Showcase in Seekonk owned by local businessman Randy Titsworth.

“The Woodstove Change-Out Program gives all Massachusetts homeowners access to affordable, highly- efficient, and clean heating systems,” Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton said.

Launched in 2012, the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program is administered by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

The program has so far helped replace 2,000 less-efficient stoves, according to MassCEC CEO Steve Pike.

“Through these rebates, Massachusetts residents will have access to clean heating systems that are EPA-certified, use less fuel, and provide cleaner air for our communities,” Pike said. “The Woodstove Change-Out Program has helped thousands of residents across the Commonwealth adopt clean, efficient heating technologies and we’re pleased to offer this program for another year.”

Standard rebates under the program range from $1,000 to $1,750, depending on the emission levels and type of stove purchased. Residents who meet certain income guidelines can qualify for rebates up to an additional $1,500.

States Sen. Paul Feeney, D-Foxboro, and state Rep. Steve Howitt, R-Rehoboth, were among officials present for Friday’s announcement.

Additional information about the program can be found at

For more information about the program or on the right wood stove for your home, contact The Fireplace Showcase.


Announcing $450,000 Commonwealth Woodstove Change-out Program

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 23, 2018

Stephanie Cooper, Deputy Director Dept. Environmental Protection, Dan Burgess, Deputy Commissioner Mass. Dept of Energy Resources, Fireplace Showcase owner Randy Titsworth, Steve Pike, CEO Mass Clean Energy Center, Seekonk State Rep. Steven Howitt, and state Sen. Paul Feeney announcing the 2018 Commonwealth Woodstove Change-out Program at The Fireplace Showcase in Seekonk, MA. This $450,000 program aims to replace non-EPA certified wood stoves with qualifying wood or pellet stoves that use less fuel and reduce energy costs. Rebates up to $3250 are available by applying though a participating stove professional before August 28, 2018.

SEEKONK – MARCH 23, 2018 – The Baker-Polito Administration today announced $450,000 in funding for the 2018 Commonwealth Woodstove Change-out Program, which provides rebates to homeowners who replace older, inefficient woodstoves with cleaner, EPA-certified wood and pellet stove models that use less fuel and reduce energy costs. The announcement was made by state energy and environment officials during a tour of the Fireplace Showcase in Seekonk.

Launched in 2012, the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program is administered by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), with assistance from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

The program has helped more than 2,000 residents swap out dirty, inefficient stoves for newer, cleaner models, with nearly 600 of these rebates going to low- and moderate-income residents. In an increased effort to promote air quality, all newly installed stoves will meet a more stringent emissions standard to help ensure that stoves installed under the program reflect best-in-class technologies.

EPA-certified stoves on average require one-third less wood than older models to produce the same amount of heat, while releasing 70 to 90 percent less particulate matter, which has been shown to exacerbate health conditions like asthma, heart disease and lung cancer. Residents installing new stoves can expect to save an average of $5,000 over the lifetime of the stove. Each woodstove switched out for a newer model is equivalent to eliminating the particulate emissions from five old diesel trucks.

While the majority of program participants purchase new woodstoves, over 30 percent opted for pellet stoves in 2017. In addition to burning very cleanly, these modern appliances automatically feed fuel into the fire, and many have built-in thermostats that allow owners to adjust the room temperature just as they can with central heating systems.

Standard rebates range from $1,000 to $1,750, depending on the emission levels and type of stove purchased. Continuing the state’s effort to make clean energy accessible to more Massachusetts residents, the program offers residents who meet certain income requirements rebates up to an additional $1,500.

In 2017, MassCEC introduced an efficiency adder for newly installed stoves that achieve high efficiency ratings. This efficiency incentive was extremely effective in promoting best-in-class technologies; almost half of all new stove installations in 2017 achieved a high efficiency rating, compared to only 22% achieving this efficiency in 2016.

To qualify for a rebate, a resident must have an operational, non-EPA-certified woodstove. To apply, the resident should visit a participating woodstove retailer or contact a participating stove professional such as a chimney sweep, who will handle the rebate application process on the residents’ behalf. Residents can find a local participating woodstove professional by viewing the list of woodstove dealers who have registered to participate. At the end of 2017, the American Lung Association began offering vouchers for woodstove changeouts in selected counties in western Massachusetts (Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire). Change-outs funded through this voucher program are not eligible to receive the MassCEC rebate.

Rebate applications will be accepted until August 28, 2018.

Beautiful and Durable Lawn Furniture Allows You to Enjoy the Outdoors this Spring

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Fireplace Showcase - lawn furniture in Providence, RI

After being indoors for months of cold weather, you probably cannot wait to gather with family and friends and enjoy quality time outside. Spring has finally arrived, so this is the season to spruce up your outdoor space. It is time to get your patio furniture out and start enjoying the outdoors again. Beautiful outdoor furniture rejuvenates your outdoor space so you can enjoy quiet and relaxing mornings with a cup of coffee and meals in the out of doors..

Lawn furniture in Seekonk, MA brings comfort and style to outdoor spaces. FSC Maidenii – Milan Dining Set is a perfect combination of unmatched durability and beauty. This dining set is made from naturally water-repellent wood and has been crafted to withstand extreme weather conditions. The wonderful set of four chairs and table is perfect for your outdoor gathering this spring and summer. This allows you to gather and dine with your loved ones, neighbors, and friends in beauty and comfort while enjoying your own yard.

Making the most of your patio, deck, and outdoor area with affordable and pleasing lawn furniture is relaxing and you can enjoy the weather in comfort and style. To find out more about our wooden lawn furniture, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Professional Pellet Stove Cleaning Services are Important to Ensure Optimum Performance and Safety

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 14, 2018
The Fireplace Showcase - Pellet stove cleaning service in North Attleboro, MA

Pellet stoves are popular heating appliances because of their efficiency, ease of use, low operating costs, and minimal maintenance. But, in order to keep them running well year after year they need to be serviced and cleaned annually. Cleaning pellet stoves is an important part of keeping your pellet stove running safely and efficiently.

The Pellet stove cleaning service in North Attleboro, MA can help determine and address issues with your pellet stove performance. Considering that pellet stoves are frequently used as the primary heat source in many homes, professional cleaning and maintenance are even more essential. All pellet stoves require a thorough cleaning of the entire system so that it will return to its original state. Hired professionals will first inspect the various elements of the pellet stove to make sure all components are operating properly. Testing these various components is a critical part of the process, which is why the expertise of a professional is very important. This will guarantee that your heating appliance can last for years.

Getting the best performance out of your pellet stove ensures the efficiency of pellet stove inserts for heat. Furthermore, burning a dirty stove for extended periods of time becomes a safety concern which could result in fire, dangerous fumes, or shutdown.

To find out more about the importance of pellet stove cleaning services, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Chimney Sweeping Services Help Increase the Efficiency of Your Fireplace and Other Home Heating Appliances - Seekonk, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 07, 2018
The Fireplace Showcase - chimney cleaning experts in Seekonk, MA

During winter months, homeowners depend on the heat from fireplaces, wood stoves, and inserts to keep their families warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, many fail to recognize the importance of chimney cleaning. Your chimney is an important ventilation system through which smoke and dangerous fumes escape. It is very important to keep your home and family safe while enjoying the fireplace or wood stove in cold months.

After using the chimney for the entire winter, it should undergo cleaning and maintenance so that your fireplace and home heating appliances will function more efficiently next winter. A wood-burning fireplace creates ash, soot, creosote, and other particles that are by-products of the combustion process. As a result, dirt, grime, deposits, and contaminants build up in your chimney which can reduce the energy efficiency of the fireplace if not given the right attention at the end of the season. Periodic chimney sweeping services are needed to reduce wear and tear so that costly chimney repairs are prevented.

Hiring chimney cleaning experts in Seekonk, MA is a smart way to start the spring season. These cleaning experts will check any blockages and inspect if there are any water leaks and other signs of deterioration. A thorough chimney cleaning and inspection can help expose minor problems before larger and more expensive chimney repairs develop. In addition, service and installation of stainless chimney caps, dampers, covers and other accessories are also included based on what your home needs.

To find out more about the specialized services for your chimney, contact The Fireplace Showcase.