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Lawn Furniture Makes Your Yard Pop

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Fireplace Showcase - lawn furniture in Providence, RI

Is your spring tradition to renew winter-caused dormant socialization with friends and neighbors? Did the winter take its toll on your outdoor furniture? Maybe it’s time to consider the functional beauty of cedar outdoor furniture.

Charming lawn furniture is available right here in Seekonk, MA and you are going to love what you see. This natural wooden furniture is unbeatable in terms of beauty and durability. It blends with nature and will function perfectly within your outdoor living space. Cedar wood outdoor furniture is a favorite for many homeowners because it never looks dated or out of style. In fact cedar furniture becomes more attractive with age. Cedar outdoor furniture wooden is insect resistant and effectively withstands harsh weather.

Your lawn furniture is a reflection of you and your taste and willingness to invest in the comfort of your guests. Make a statement for your family and friends with new outdoor lawn furniture from The Fireplace Showcase.

Storage Sheds Safely Houses and Organize Various Home Stuff

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Fireplace Showcase - storage sheds in Providence, RI

Those who currently live in Seekonk and enjoy their Fireplace Showcase stoves and grills also have come to enjoy some of our lesser known services. We carry a wide selection of sheds including Chateau, Gambrel, Delmar and Quaker style sheds.

Spring is near and this is the time when home owners across Seekonk invest in their new yard equipment to get their yards ready for a return to outdoor living. The new yard equipment might drive you to seek new exterior storage capability for the new equipment that increasingly crowds your garage. Storage sheds in Seekonk, MA will provide an instant sanctuary for your seasonal outdoor equipment.Once again, The Fireplace Showcase carries a wide selection of sheds including Chateau, Gambrel, Delmar and Quaker style sheds.

These strong and attractive storage sheds safely houses all your lawn care and power tools. With your new storage shed in place, you can tidy up your home garage, clear clutter, and even make room to finally get the car back into the garage. It feels good to get organized. We can help you achieve that. But our quality sheds serve more than storing lawn equipment. These sheds also serve as hobby space, kid's playhouses, and other practical applications. Design can be tailored to your specific application.

Contact The Fireplace Showcase to find out more about custom storage sheds.

Why Clean Your Chimney in the Spring?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 13, 2019
The Fireplace Showcase - Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplaces, Seekonk, MA

Spring cleaning kicks off as weather starts to improve. Scrubbing down the entire home and make it dust and clutter-free benefits your overall health aside from making your home fresh and spotlessly clean on the eye. When doing a thorough spring cleaning, make sure to include your fireplace and chimney. With the help of chimney cleaning services from The Fireplace Showcase here in Seekonk, MA, the cleaning job will be thorough and affordable.

Fireplace and chimney cleaning is a daunting task. Significant creosote deposits accumulate overtime on your flue. This will produce a sour odor in hotter days especially when moisture penetrates your chimney. Creosote is difficult to remove even when you possess the proper cleaning tools. A professional chimney sweep will remove deposits and debris buildup in the liner while eliminate the unpleasant odor. Moreover, our chimney cleaning service includes damage inspection of your flue or liner. Moisture that seeps into the exterior masonry can cause the bricks to crack eventually. But when these issues are addressed earlier, you can prevent further deterioration of your chimney as well as keeping your repair cost down.

Keeping your chimney clean is also highly recommended by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for safety reasons. So contact The Fireplace Showcase this Spring season. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned to ensure a safe and efficient hearth.

Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplaces Electrify Your Home Ambiance

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 06, 2019
The Fireplace Showcase - Simplifire Allusion Electric Fireplaces, Seekonk, MA

For those of you who prefer contemporary décor, Simplifire Allusion electric fireplace (offered here in Seekonk, MA) suits your taste perfectly. They offer both a modern aesthetic look but also showcases heating effectiveness and functional convenience.

Simplifire Allusion electric fireplaces adapts modern design by fusing linear proportions with a multitude of flame and ember bed LED lighting themes. They feature intuitive operation with the use of standard remote and touch control settings designed in the front side of the fireplace.

Other great features of Allusion electric fireplace includes:

  • 100% efficiency, heat can be fully calibrated with very minimal cost an hour to operate
  • Four flame color themes with 14 ember bed color themes for complete customization
  • Features easy thermal calibration with its remote control and touch screen settings
  • Zone heat your space for maximum comfort, while keeping monthly bills at minimum cost
  • Available in 48” or 60” wide models
  • Fully or partially recessed or mount on the wall

Innovative, smart and stylish looking fireplace perfect for modern homes. Contact The Fireplace Showcase to find out more about the details of this fireplace unit.