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Grillin’ with Green Mountain Grills and Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 27, 2020
The Fireplace Showcase - Seekonk, MA

We take great pride in not only supplying you with the finest grilling solutions on the market today (such as the Green Mountain line of grills), but in our ability to consult and teach you how to use them. Today we’ll share with you the magic of incorporating grill pellets such as Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets. They come in a variety of flavors.

Smoke pellets add so much to the depth of flavor of your grilled meats and vegetables. Smoke is the secret seasoning that's only used by a small segment of the grilling population, but has a huge impact on the flavor of your food, from meat and fish, veggies and cheese. Adding a small packet of Bear Mountain BBQ wood pellets or wood chips can create enough smoke to take your grill game up a notch. To get a great smoke flavor on your meats and veggies, it's important to salt your food and let it rest prior to grilling. This brings the moisture to the surface and gives the smoke something to stick to, creating a smoky flavored food in a short time. After you've added delicious smoke flavor to your food, sear it off over higher heat to lock in the flavor and initiate the Maillard reaction (the science).

Next you need to consider your seasoning. When seasoning food for the grill, it's important to use seasonings that hold up well to the heat environment your food calls home. Understanding how your seasoning impacts the food during the cook and the flavors that are created is equally important. It's a super simple way to elevate the flavor of any meal. Give it shot for your next BBQ.

Contact us to discuss the wide variety of grills and flavoring options just waiting for you to try.


Green Egg Grill: Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Set

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 22, 2020
The Fireplace Showcase - Seekonk, MA

It’s officially summer, and summer is officially grilling season. What beats gathering friends and family in the backyard sharing fellowship and the gift of your BBQ culinary skill? Here’s how to maximize your grilling experience and effectiveness. Get yourself the most versatile and precision griller/smoker on the market, the Green Egg Grill.

This grill is perfect for amateur and professional BBQ chef’s alike. The Green Egg Grill delivers that slow cooked smoke flavor that we all love. It is simple to use and offers grilling and smoking options unavailable in most other conventional cookers. Simplify the lighting experience by using charcoal starters or an Eggniter. The Green Egg grill will reach cooking temperature in minutes. Dial in your precise cooking temperature via the patented Green Egg air flow system and the calibrated temperature gauge.

As an added bonus (and at no extra charge) you get the most distinguished looking grill on the market and something certain to be the featured item in your outdoor kitchen. Let us show you this marvel in outdoor cooking equipment. Contact The Fireplace Showcase anytime.

Eastern Jungle Gyms – The New Standard for Child’s Play

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 15, 2020

Since 1992, Eastern Jungle Gym® has delivered innovative, safe, and affordable jungle gyms and swing sets that last. It takes fine craftsmanship to outlive the children that we serve. You’ve seen kids destroy lesser quality play stations, but you’ve never seen them beat the Eastern Jungle Gym systems.

So let’s take a moment to review just why that is and why they are the jungle gym of choice in and around Seekonk:

1. All construction is 100% Cedar (C. lanciolata). Because cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, no chemical treatment is necessary to preserve the wood (unlike other woods).

2. All Wood is sanded, with edges and corners rounded. Each piece is then factory-stained before installation. This ensures a safe and long-lasting finish.

3. Huge 4” x 6” and 4” x 4” Engineered Thru-Bolt Construction, plus the patent-pending Steel Bracket System, means you never rely on any single bolt or fastener alone. All the load-bearing points are double supported.

4. Heavy Duty Slides—sturdy wave slides with high side rails, and scoop slides with double-wall construction.

5. Heavy Duty Swing Hangers— heavy-duty swing hangers are the safest and strongest. Made of steel and cast iron mounted with thru-bolts.

6. Lag Bolt & Wood Screw Fasteners—never nails or staples! Lag bolts do not need re-tightening like carriage bolts or other through-bolt fasteners, so there’s no need for annual maintenance or service.

7. Recessed Hardware means that all bolts are countersunk for a safe and aesthetically-pleasing look. No caps! Exposed bolts can create a hazard for loose clothing to catch on.

8. Straight coil Swing Chain is heated, primed, and Plastisol-Coated for a safe, smooth grip. No ropes or powder-coated chain!

9. Steel Ladder Rungs— unmatched in strength and safety. Wood step ladder rungs for easier access—6-inch wide steps for sure footing.10: All 4x4 and 4x6 beams use engineered thru-bolt construction, with the Exclusive Flush-Mount Fastener System.

To learn more about Eastern Jungle Gym Swingsets, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Ultimate Swing Set Series Improve our Kids Lifestyle While Staying Home

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 08, 2020
The Fireplace Showcase Seekonk, MA - Swing sets

With the stay-at-home orders in-place, combined with the recent poor weather, many of our kids have been focused on television and their phone screens after they have finished their schooling. It is very hard nowadays to get our kids off of these gadgets, especially as we try to catch up with work at home. Additionally, kids are using phones and computers to learn at home, which makes getting them away from technology even more challenging. But, investing in an ultimate swing set will help them learn, examine, assess, and come up with their own fun while swinging, sliding, and playing. Getting outside is great exercise and greatly helps physical and mental health. It also helps mom and dad catch-up or take a breather! Make outdoor playtime accessible and exciting by allowing kids to run out into the their own backyard.

Our wooden swing sets are great old fashioned fun with a modern twist. Children can enjoy the fun of an imaginary world in their own backyard and while getting fresh air. But the biggest benefit: when you tell them to "go outside" so you can finish your work, make dinner, or take a break you will have zero guilt! While swing sets are great additions to your backyard they also have huge benefits for your kids. They challenge the imagination and each slide, step, swing and leap your kids engage in builds their confidence. This helps them release anxiety, makes them feel good, and boosts their self-esteem.

Lastly, swing sets and jungle gyms promote an active lifestyle. They offer a healthy outlet to release stress and excess energy. When you give them the fun of a swing set, you can relax as well knowing that their mind is sharpening and their body is getting stronger, but most importantly, they are having fun!

For more information on wood swing sets, contact The Fireplace Showcase.