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A Note About New Super-Efficient Wood Stoves

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 26, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - Hearthstone Wood Stoves

Wood stoves have evolved over the years from being smoldering, chimney clogging, (massive amounts of) wood burning slobs ‐ to being a clean end efficient heat source that is a nearly net zero carbon environmentally friendly, cost efficient home heating energy source.

A wood stove in its primitive form is a steel, cast iron or stone box with an air intake hole and an exhaust connection. Unlike a furnace, the firebox has no moving parts and is given its breath passively, by utilizing chimney heat exclusively. Hot air rises, creating draft, and the more air flowing (draft) through the stove and chimney, the more vigorous light off and apparent lively combustion is. However, the chimney is powered by wasted heat only. The firebox designs of the 21st century is moving to efficiencies never imagined 25 years ago. Suppose there is less wasted heat?

HearthStone’s family of TruHybridTM technology stoves and inserts comprise the best efficiencies and cleanliness available today. Congress has rewarded these “best of the best” products with the 25D tax credit starting in 2021. HearthStone’s high quality, Uber‐Efficient classics will burn fuel at true efficiencies up to 81 %. You will be eligible for a full 26% Tax Credit for the entire installation!

It is more important than ever that chimneys are up to standard and ready for these uber‐ efficient stoves of today.

If an old school stove operates at 45% efficiency, 55% of the energy is going up the chimney in the form of heat and creosote. An 80% efficient heater only has 20% of the heat available to drive the chimney. It must burn slower to allow for the heat to pass to the room. You will use less fuel.

We need to consider the best chimney design, the best methods for burning wood in these stoves and inserts and well‐seasoned, dry fuel.

  1. A good Chimney must be insulated and of sufficient height to create a draft adequate with minimal heat loss.
    1. Draft can be measured. Your chimney professional is able to measure actual draft reading. (“0.08”‐0.10” H2O is a minimum range draft for a super‐efficient stove)
    2. An insulated stainless liner is best for a masonry chimney. Exterior masonry chimneys require a heat up process which may take a little patience.
    3. Elbows are a restrictor. Each one adds the need for more vertical height (4’ of additional chimney for each elbow more than 1)
    4. Horizontal runs must have slight upward slope, never down.
    5. Use a “packed” insulation type chimney for new work. Air‐cooled triple wall chimney will not get hot enough and should not be used.
    6. If Santa can fit down it, it will not work!
  2. Make a fire. Starting a fire is best done with a “top‐down” method for two reasons:
    1. . You will spend less time in front of your stove fussing with it. As little as one match will do it.
    2. You will quickly establish higher temperatures in the top of the stove and get the chimney working more quickly.
      (There are many videos on YouTube describing this method: search “top‐down fire” or go to: ( YHBo )
      ( m3ig )
  3. Use only seasoned wood. Unseasoned or wet wood will not provide enough heat to drive the chimney as the heat is wasted cooking off the water in the wood. This is what seasoned, dry firewood looks like. 

In summary, whether you are new to wood heating, or are replacing an old‐school stove with a modern one, it is important to have the right chimney, the right methods, quality fuel and the right expectations.

Stay warm and know that you are making a good choice for your budget and the environment by burning the most renewable energy source there is: WOOD

Thank you for choosing a Quality Clean and Uber‐Efficient HearthStone heater!


Green Egg and Napoleon: The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Marriage

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 19, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - Napoleon Charcoal Grill

Choosing the perfect grill for your cooking needs is one of those fun research projects. We’re seeing a trend in outdoor kitchen development for those of you who take your research and your outdoor cooking seriously. That trend is incorporating the Green Egg Grill as a dedicated smoker while marrying it next to a similarly top-rated traditional grill such as the Napoleon gas or charcoal grill.

The Fireplace Showcase - Green Egg Grill MiniMax

OK, stop. Before you read further, take a moment, go to the back door, peek out, and imagine that set-up for you. Oh, baby, now we’re talkin’!

Welcome back. Now, let’s just focus on the Green Egg grill. No other outdoor kitchen product is made of higher quality materials. It will serve as your longest lasting grilling product. It will motivate year-round grilling as you learn to slow-smoke in a near “fire and forget” fashion. This machine’s ability to slow smoke at precise temperature control is a luxury every home griller should enjoy. Use it to toast and bake as well!

There are many reasons why outdoor kitchen owners celebrate the Big Egg as their most prized outdoor kitchen utility. Come in and see for yourself why this is. Contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Jungle Gym Swing Sets Deliver Lifelong Child Mental and Physical Development Benefits

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 17, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - Eastern Jungle Gym

Greetings once again from The Fireplace Showcase here in Seekonk. Today, let’s talk about a way to make a huge difference in your child (or children’s) physical and mental development. You can do this with just a modest investment in a back-yard swing set or jungle gym. First, let’s briefly discuss just some of the proven benefits of swing sets and jungle gyms and thus why they are more popular than ever with parents across America.

Swinging increases spatial awareness. Swinging helps develop gross motor skills—pumping legs, running, jumping. Swinging helps develop fine motor skills—grip strength, hand, arm and finger coordination. Swinging develops a child's core muscles and helps with the development of balance. But wait, there’s more! Swinging burns calories. They strengthen tendons, joints, and ligaments in a low-impact manner. Your children will sleep better! Swing sets inspire creativity and imagination. Playing outside builds a healthier immune system.

OK, so now allow us to briefly introduce you to just a few of our outstanding lines of jungle gyms and swing sets: The Eastern Jungle Gym System puts the swing in swing set! Whether your kids can’t get enough of the traditional sling swing, or they are dying for their very own tire swing instead of the one at the park, look no further to make their backyard playground dreams a reality. In addition to Eastern, we carry the best selection of top-quality swing set seats to include Dreamscape jungle gyms, Ultimate Swing Sets, Fantasy tree-house jungle gyms, and many others!

So put your child on a path to mental and physical development that will earn you more than hugs. You’ll earn a lifetime of payback as your child develops faster and stronger than most! Contact The Fireplace Showcase anytime!

Take Advantage: 26% Federal Tax Credit on Qualifying Wood and Pellet Burning Appliances

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, May 05, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - 26% Federal Tax Credit on Qualifying Wood and Pellet Burning Units

Now is the best time to purchase a high efficiency wood or pellet burning stove or insert. You’ll save 26% not only on the cost of the Stove but the Materials, and Installation Labor as well.

To find out which products qualify please contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Qualifying Products

Tax credit applies to the purchase of all qualifying biomass-fueled heaters on installations completed prior to December 31, 2023. Qualifying products include 2020 EPA certified wood stoves or inserts with a listed efficiency of 75% or better.

Any qualifying product ordered in 2020, but not installed and paid for until 2021, qualifies for the new credit under Section 25(D) on a 2021 tax return. Products may be claimed on the tax return year in which the purchase and installation is completed.

Credit Amount

The new tax credit is 26% of the purchase and installation costs, including labor, for tax years 2021 and 2022 & 22% for 2023 (no cap or lifetime limit).

For more information, contact The Fireplace Showcase.