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Heat Your Home With Direct Vent or Vent Free Gas Fireplaces and Inserts

- Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gas fireplaces and inserts are an excellent addition to any home. Gas fireplaces and inserts project warmth that is very similar to a wood fire. They are an excellent value and highly efficient and they come in two types, vented (direct vent) or vent free.

The main difference in these two types of gas fireplaces or fireplace inserts is the amount of fumes that are released. Every thing that burns produces carbon monoxide, so the most frequent question in regards to vent free gas fireplaces is “are they safe?”The answer to this question is “yes”.

Vent free gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts are safe because the heat they produce is very hot, which means almost total fuel combustion which decreases the amount of carbon monoxide and the amount of soot that is produced. Keep in mind that they also come with carbon monoxide sensors which automatically turn off the gas if too high levels of carbon monoxide are reached.

A vented gas fireplace or insert produces more carbon monoxide but when the venting is installed professionally there is no risk of inhaling noxious fumes. Gases are carried out of the room through the chimney. Vented gas fireplaces and inserts are perfect to use in your existing fireplace or in an installed firebox.

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