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Copper Yard and Garden Decor Adds A Nice Look to Your Outdoor Space

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mild nights and warm days mean time outdoors enjoying your yard. It is the season for backyard BBQ’s, block parties and other outdoor festivities. So add some atmosphere with copper. Fireplace Showcase has a line of copper home and garden decor products that are unique, beautiful, and functional with artistic design.

Set your backyard party apart with a copper beverage stand that is handmade from 100% recycled solid copper. The scrolled edges of its steel stand add a look of sophistication to this beverage stand, and make it a great accessory to your outdoor patio or backyard relaxation area.

No more ugly plastic hose holder, decorate your garden with a garden hose hider which is handmade by master copper smiths using 100% recycled copper. Many customers have also used our hose hider to store various small irrigation tools and garden tools.

If it is ambience you are looking for, add a quiet light to your garden and patio with a copper plated smudge pot. This miniature outdoor fire place will add warmth and ambiance to your garden décor. We have Copper Plated Smudge Pots available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

As with any copper item exposed to the elements, these items will patina beautifully over time. Visit Fireplace Showplace if you want to set your garden or patio apart this year.

Orbital Lounge Makes Great Lawn Furniture

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This fantastic lounger doubles as a lounge chair and rocking chair all in one! European design makes this wonderful patio furniture addition stylish, built to last and easy to store. Unique back support and Zero-Gravity design provides a relaxing seating experience. It comfortably holds up to 275 lbs and folds to eight inches wide and is easy to store and transport. Make with a high strength aluminum frame and PVC mesh fabric.

Looking for a way to de-stress in style? The all new Aluminum Orbital Lounger is the way to do it. This innovative lounger lets you rest comfortably poolside or away from home. Designed to the highest standards of outdoor furniture, the aluminum orbital lounger is all about style and quality in outdoor living. Lounge in modern comfort anywhere outdoors with this all weather lounge chair. It has an exclusive dual-circular frame crafted from solid aluminum. Supportive woven PVC mesh brings contoured support to your poolside, patio and more. Come into Fireplace Showcase and see how comfortable they are!

Outdoor Furniture that is More Beautiful and Lasts Longer Than Teak

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Outdoor lawn furniture that will be comfortable, look great and stand up to the weather is hard to find. But look no further. This Milan Dining Set and Lovely Bar Set made from FSC Maidenii are perfect for your outdoor patio space

Maidenii is a high-density tropical wood which provides extreme durability in tough weather conditions. All pieces require minimal maintenance. Without any maintenance a rich silvery patina will develop but if you want to maintain the original honey brown color, apply an application of teak oil annually. All the hardware is rust resistant. This naturally water-repellent wood will last for years in all weather conditions with minimal shrinking or swelling due to its innately high rubber content. This has made this wood the preferred choice for marine decking and for outdoor furniture.

Maidenii is actually denser than Teak and will last longer and weather as well as or better than Teak. It is manufactured from 100% FSC Certified "green" harvested eucalyptus. FSC certifications are very stringent to ensure wood products like these are not made from illegally harvested virgin trees. This wood has been specifically grown for industrial uses.

Sheds Keep Your Home and Yard Equipment Organized

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Owning a home brings with it the accumulation of things that you don't need daily. How do we store the riding lawn mower, the blow up pool, snow blower, bicycles, tricycles and big wheels, perhaps even a rototiller and some yard furniture you only bring out during parties. There’s your basement and garage, but we all know those are full of other things… A storage shed can be the perfect answer. Available vinyl and wood, sheds can help you reinvent your living space and keep your yard equipment organized.

Storage sheds are a perfect solution for control over your home and yard equipment! Gardens and yards come in all shapes and sizes, and your shed options need to have various functionalities as well.  Fireplace Showcase has a vast selection of storage sheds constructed of either wood or vinyl.  Stylish barn doors, windows with shutters and flower boxes and wood shed ramps compliment the optimization of space you gain with our sheds.   Shelving and lighting can further perfect your storage needs.

Organize your outdoor equipment and tools by creating more space with a new storage shed today! Contact Fireplace Showcase.

Pre Season Pellet Special at Fireplace Showcase

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A few years ago we witnessed the same dramatic increase in home heating oil prices that we are seeing right now and pellets and pellet stoves were being bought and installed at record rates. Forecasters are again predicting the slow and steady rise of oil and gas prices and as fuel prices increase there is an increase in the spring and summer sales of pellets and pellet stoves.

Take advantage of price savings on pellets at Fireplace Showcase. There are only 5 days left to take advantage of our pre-season pellet specialSave $20 per ton on New England Pellets.  This sale ends Saturday, April 30.

New England Pellet makes premium-grade pellets. Every pellet in the bag exceeds industry standards. They don’t just make the best performing wood pellets in America, but the most trusted, too. Come in to Fireplace Showcase and save big on wood pellets, sale ends Saturday.

Enhance Your Backyard with a Wooden Swing Set

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 18, 2011

Have you ever heard the names of Eastern Jungle Gyms’ swing sets? Dream, Fantasy, Sky, and Dreamscape; the names of these swing sets say it all. Capture your child’s imagination this spring and summer and add a fun, new, wooden swing set to your yard and their adventures.
These wooden jungle gyms are designed to fit your yard and your budget. With clubhouses with a large extended tent top or wood roof with standing room; or maybe your kids want two clubhouses and the deluxe rock wall and the spiral tube slide. Your kids will have endless hours of fun on these jungle gyms! Some models come with a double wide monkey bar with a tire swing and a gym ring/trapeze bar combo.

An Eastern Jungle Gym will enhance your back yard. They have become synonymous with quality, strength and value. At Fireplace Showcase, see how you can add and change options on to your swing set and let the adventures and the day dreams begin!  

Storage Sheds for all of Your Yard Equipment

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 12, 2011

As you are starting to clean up the yard, put away the winter equipment, and get ready for the warm weather, you may be finding it difficult to find and store all of your yard equipment. Maybe you should consider a storage shed. There are many things to consider when purchasing a  shed for your backyard. Do you want vinyl or wood? How big do you want it? What will you be using it for? Garden supplies, junk storage, bicycles and other seasonal toys for the kids? Every homeowner has tools and equipment for every season to keep their lawn and yard looking great. And parents also have loads of toys to keep our children entertained, but keeping all of these things in your garage can take up too much room. A storage shed is a great option to keep all of these seasonal items organized, in one location, and out of site.
When considering the size of the shed you want, you should always consider what you are going to be storing in it. This will give you an idea of the size you will need, and help you decide where to put it in your yard. This will also help you see what other options you need for the shed, such as a ramp for your riding lawnmower.

If your shed is going to be used for storage of your larger lawn or yard equipment or, you will have to purchase a large, sturdy shed.  At fireplace showcase we offer sheds in both wood and vinyl, with or without overhead doors, and many shapes, styles and sizes.

Chimney Caps Protect Your Chimney from Nesting Birds

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The warmer weather is on its way, and like many in Massachusetts, you love your hearths, but cannot wait to stop heating your home and open the windows. For many, the time to shut down and clean up the fireplace is just as fun as the first time we light it for the season.  It is time to clean out and clean up your fireplaces, stovesinserts and chimneys.
Chimney Caps are an integral part of the venting system for your fireplace and the venting system is an integral part of your overall fireplace system. The weather and the wildlife are the biggest enemies of your chimney. The birds are out and trying to find a great place to make their nests, what better place than your cozy, dark chimney. Birds and other animals contribute to your chimneys’ demise. All kinds of animals like to make their homes in chimneys especially if the fireplace has not been used for a couple of years.
When chimneys are not correctly sealed, moisture gets into the cracks and seams and can ruin the chimney. Brick chimneys are extremely susceptible. This is where chimney caps can provide extra protection. Chimney caps protect against all types of weather and wind, all of which can erode a chimney. Chimney caps can really prolong the structural integrity of a chimney.

If chimney caps are not in place this spring, the risk from weather and animals is dramatically increased. There are different kinds of chimney caps for masonry or stainless steel chimneys. And Fireplace Showplace can help you decide which style is best for your home.

Grill Out with the Red Sox on Game Day

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For all you sports fans out there who spend more time tailgating in the back yard rather than in the lot, have you seen the team grill? Route for the Red Sox by outfitting your back yard patio with a team grill. Just in time for opening week, you’ll be the talk among fans.

The Team Grill Patio Series ALL-STAR is the high-end gas grill designed specifically for sports fans. Combining professional-grade cooking capabilities with officially licensed logo and colors of your favorite team, Team Grill creates a one-of-a-kind grilling experience for game day and every day. The finish cleans easily with soap and water and is designed to withstand the high-heat of the grill as well as the weather.

Team Grill is the premier manufacturer of professional-quality gas grills for sports fans. Our products combine the cooking capabilities of high-end grills with the look of your favorite sports teams, so you can show your team spirit and make every day game day. Team Grill products are available through the Fireplace Showcase. Call or visit us today.

The Big Green Egg Charcoal Grills

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The grilling season is about to begin, and the Big Green Egg is a grill that is different than your traditional charcoal grill. The grill is ceramic which introduces a whole new element in heat retention. The capacity to withhold heat is one of the most important factors to produce the best charcoal grilling results. It allows for flavor and aroma retention.
It got its name because it is shaped like an egg, the Big Green Egg can precisely cook meals whether you're slow cooking or searing. Besides being a grill, it can also be used as an oven which can cook homemade pizza, bread and pies or it can be used as a smoker.It also maintains the natural juiciness of the food and the release of the food's natural flavors.
The Egg has 4 different sizes to accommodate any need, ranging in diameter from 24” down to 13”. The Big Green Egg is the World's Best Smoker and Grill, giving it unmatched cooking flexibility. Whether you want to tackle high temperature, quick searing for the perfect rare steak, cook a whole chicken at a more moderate temperature, or tenderize a low-and-slow ten-hour brisket, you just can't beat the EGG when it comes to effortless cooking and sensational eating. Come see one at Fireplace Showcase.