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Solid Copper Fire Pit Can Help You Usher In Spring

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is a week away and many of us are excited about getting outside.  A solid copper fire pit can help you enjoy a beautiful early spring evening. It is time to relax on the patio enjoy the longer days and brighter nights and shake off those winter cob webs. Invite the neighbors, because with this outdoor fireplace everyone can enjoy themselves with a 360 degree view of the fire.

This fire pit is both beautiful and unique providing ambiance on your porch or deck or in any space in your yard. Our solid copper fire pits offer the deepest bowl in the market, allowing for larger and longer lasting fires using any type of wood or charcoal. Our fire pits are perfect for warming up on a cool evening, and are also great for cooking with its included, non-toxic chrome plated steel cooking grate.

You and your friends and family can gather together and warm up outside around a beautiful roaring fire. So make your backyard, patio or deck another room in which to entertain, add a Fire Pit from Fireplace Showcase.

Get Free Fuel with the New 2011 Tax Credit for Hearth Products

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Save energy costs and contribute to a greener Earth by heating all or part of your home with biomass fuels. U.S. homeowners who purchase a 75%-efficient biomass (wood or pellet) burning stove, fireplace or insert during 2011 can receive a U.S. federal tax credit for 10% of their cost, up to $300.

Most of The Fireplace Showcase's heating products qualify for the tax credit. Featuring the industry’s most advanced technologies for heat efficiencies, these products are also protected by a limited lifetime warranty. There are many designs and styles to choose from that will provide ambience, warmth and comfort to your home.

For tax years 2006-2011, there is a $500 cap on home efficiency tax credits claimed by a single consumer. For example, if you claimed $300 in 2007, you can claim only $200 in 2011. It is important to note, however, that a consumer who claimed a $1,500 tax credit as part of the 2009/2010 tax credit, will benefit from the full amount but is not eligible for the new $300 credit. Contact us today to learn more about the 211 tax credit and be sure to check out our hearth products for your home.

QuadraFire Pellet Stoves Are a Great Way to Heat Your Home

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 03, 2011
With the price of oil and other traditional fuel sources constantly on the rise, Quadrafire pellet stoves provide consumers with a way to save money while efficiently heating their home. With lower heating costs and big tax credits available, many people are making the switch and choosing to warm their homes in a greener way. The following information can help you understand the basics of using a pellet stove to heat your home and how it can benefit you in a variety of ways.

These types of stoves are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood or oil burning stoves, as well as central heating systems. A pellet stove utilizes pellets made from biomass and agricultural waste materials such as wood chips, sawdust, grass, corn, wheat and sunflower seeds. Replacing traditional fireplaces that could not heat a home efficiently, a these devices have a thermostat to distribute heat evenly and well. Stoves hold enough fuel to cover several days and cleaning them is as simple as emptying a tray.

Since these products run off of bio material, there are less air particulate and greenhouse emissions, making them safer for the environment and your health. The ongoing reduction in the amount of oil and other fossil fuels you use thanks to pellet stoves is also better for the environment. The products these pellets are made out of are given a second life when they are recycled into a fuel source for your home.

One of the best reasons to switch to a pellet stove now is the money you can get from government tax credits for installing a 75 percent efficient product, part of the government's plan to encourage consumers to choose green. You can earn up to $1,500 that will cover 30 percent of the cost of the actual product, the installation and also the piping required. This can make the purchase of a product much more affordable, but the tax credits are only available for a limited time. Contact us today to learn more about our QuadraFire Pellet Stoves.

The Fireplace Showcase: Delivering MA and RI with Quality Products and Consumer Consultation for 21 Years and Counting

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Fireplace Showcase, home of Rhode Island and Massachusetts' largest fireplace and stove showroom, offers more than 21 years of experience in helping you select the right stove or insert for your home.  Whether its pellet, wood, or gas burning, we offer many different models from a variety of high quality, cost competitive manufacturers including Quadra-Fire, Napoleon, Vermont Castings, Dutchwest, and Monessen.

At the Fireplace Showcase we serve as consultants first.  Without exception, prior to any sale, we act upon the imperative that you are fully educated on all aspects of product options.  We'll educate you on product performance, energy cost savings, operation, service, maintenance, the multiple fireplace accessories that improve the overall beauty of your home. We are unaware of any other hearth vendor willing to prioritize and invest the time necessary to educate every consumer on the pros and cons of the various hearth options.  Our focus on consumer education makes us truly a one-stop hearth shop.

When the time comes to invest your hard-earned money on the functional beautification of your home or business, know that The Fireplace Showcase also provides you the absolute best value for your dollar.  See our latest in-store specials here, chimney sweeping services, and web coupons.  

At The Fireplace Showcase, we understand that an educated consumer is a happy consumer.  From experience, we know educated consumers clearly distinguish us from all other hearth vendors.  Questions?  Call 508- 969-4844 and "fire away"!

Five Great Accessories to have With Your Pellet Stove

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 15, 2011
A Pellet Stove is an integral part of peoples homes so it's vital to keep it happy and healthy. Why not consider these top 5 accessories to keep your appliance looking great and operating properly all year round.

1. A vacuum specially built to reduce Ash
Despite the fact that these particular efficient stoves produce much less ash when compared with regular wood burning stoves  an ash vacuum will nevertheless be very handy. This machine is actually manufactured to get rid of warm or cold ashes safely and securely. It traps the fine particles, keeping it contained which means that it won't cover the room in your home. There are no bags to fill or empty, and since it's made of fire-retardant materials, there is no hazard of flames as there might be should you just tried to use some sort of ordinary vacuum.

2. Fireplace Device Kits
A kit may include things an individual would not make use of very often (like a poker) and things that will get heavy use (like a brush and shovel). Tool kits come in a wide wide variety of styles and finishes that look great next to your pellet stove. Purchase a kit especially if you opt against the ash vacuum.

3. Pellet Stove Cleansing Systems
Pellet stoves require to be cleaned on a yearly basis.  The most effective kind is really a rotary cleaner along with some sort of stiff, plastic brush which links to your power drill.

4. Pellet Hopper Extensions
Pellet stoves are generally enormously efficient appliances and make use of pellets very slowly. However, with a pellet hopper extension, you'll be able to make that slow burn last even longer. This kind of device could just about double the actual quantity of pellets a wood stove can carry, thereby doubling the days you can go not having having to stock up the fuel.

5. Warmer and Steamers
There are lots of stove top potpourri or scent warmers which take a seat upon the actual top of a pellet oven and infuse a home with wonderful aromas. The warmers come in numerous patterns as well as shades, and can generally use a variety of potpourri or liquid scents. Steamers are attractive forged iron or coated enamel pots which allow the water to warm on the pellet stove and release humidity into the surroundings. This makes life more comfortable for those living in the home.

Once you've actually gone on to select your own pellet stove, the opportunities are endless, it should be mentioned that whenever purchasing the pellet stove, that would be the best time to add upgrades to your unit. Contact us today to learn more about pellet stoves and our accessories we have.

How to Maintain and Clean your Wood Stove

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 08, 2011

If you own a wood stove, then you know it can be a wonderful addition to a home. There is something comforting about radiant heat in the wintertime, plus a stove will save you money on your heating bill. Along with the benefits of heating with wood, though, comes the extra work of maintaining your wood stove. Here are some tips to help you maximize its safety and efficiency.

First, make sure the stove door closes tightly. It is easy for the door latch to work loose since it is opened and closed frequently. Test the seal by sandwiching a dollar bill between the opening and the door. If you can slide the bill out while the door is closed, it's too loose. Adjust the latch and inspect the gaskets for wear and tear, replacing as necessary. If your stove features a separate door for the ash pan below the grate, be sure to check it too, using the same dollar bill method.

Next, inspect the firebrick liner inside your stove if your particular model has one. These bricks can crack over time and affect your stove's efficiency. There are two types of bricks: conventional firebrick, and a special low-density firebrick. Consult the owner's manual for your stove to find out which type you need. While you're looking inside the stove, check the baffles. Not all stoves have them, so look for a series of plates and chambers toward the top or back of the stove near the flue opening and inspect them for cracks and distortion.

Many wood stoves have transparent doors made of ceramic or glass that tend to build up soot quickly. Keep them looking good by burning only seasoned hardwood and avoiding choking off the air supply with the damper adjustment. An economical way to clean it is to use wadded up newspaper dampened with water and dipped in wood ashes as an abrasive.

Keep the outside finish of your stove clean. If it has a matte finish, you can paint it with stove paint and even change the color to your liking. Be sure to let the stove cool off completely before you apply paint. Wood stoves with glossy finishes are enameled and can't be repainted, but you can touch up nicks in the finish using color matched paint from the manufacturer. Contact us today to learn more about wood stoves or any of our other fine heating products we offer.

You Haven't Seen Anything Quite like Our Featured Product: The Solaris

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 01, 2011
Inspired by the setting sun, the Solaris see-through direct vent gas fireplace is the most innovative and unmatched hearth product in the industry. Featuring our patent-pending continuous levitating flames and transparent Razor(TM) burner, the Solaris is a contemporary and award winning fireplace on trend with consumer demands.

The Solaris
is available in two models. Solaris36-ST is the world's thinnest see-through fireplace with a levitating flame and transparent Razor burner. Solaris 36-MR is a two-sided fireplace featuring the infinity flame, which provides a 6-foot deep illusion of flame and lighting effects.

Featuring consistent panel colors, the Solaris gives drama and visual impact to the room. The infinity flame provides a 6-foot deep illusion of flame and lighting effects. The Solaris is ideal for commercial applications elevating the style and sophistication in any space. Easily installer in a 2" X 6" studded wall, the Solaris is the world's thinnest direct vent gas fireplace. The inspired 33" diameter of the Solaris is easily adaptable in any room.

One side is installed with a clean and simple trim ring where the continuous levitating flames become the focus. With 32 color combinations available, the Solaris offers a unique level of customization for a truly one of a kind, modern fireplace. Contact us today to learn more about the Solaris or any other of our fireplace products.

Vermont Castings Wood Burning Fireplace Offers Warmth and Comfort

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Have you ever been into a home in the winter and felt a sense of overwhelming comfort and joy? You probably have, and there's a good reason for that. If you haven't guessed yet, the actual item that made you feel so great was some type of fireplace, and the reason it had that effect was its power to evoke memories. Don't you want this to be the same with your home or apartment with Vermont Castings Wood Burning Fireplace.

The heat generated by a Vermont Castings remarkable Sequoia EPA wood burning fireplace is just the beginning. Meeting Washington state emissions standards, EPA Phase II certified and featuring clean-burn technology, the catalytic Sequoia can heat up to 2,500 square feet of your home as efficiently as a wood stove. It’s a new tradition in fireplace design and it’s only available from Vermont Castings.

Fortunately, fireplaces have only become more affordable as their technology has improved. Such as a popular new type, fireplace inserts which can be installed very quickly and are much less expensive than trying to buy an entire new mantel. The only downside to these is the fact that some people are not quite accustomed to the black cast iron look of them. Not to mention the traditional look and smell of a wood burning fireplace brings people more comfort, but the choice is entirely up to you, and we offer both types so feel free to contact us to inquiry about either type and let us warm your home this winter.

History and Information on the Big Green Egg Grill

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 18, 2011
A keystone of backyard cookouts across the nation, the Big Green Egg barbecue is configured for amateur and master chefs who are serious about the caliber of their cooked meat. Based on ancient design precepts, the cooker uses dense ceramic walls with a build similar to that of an egg to hold in heat and reduce charcoal use. The manufacturers claim a 20 pound bag of charcoal will run the Big Green Egg for four to six months.

The modern and updated version is actually based on a 3,000 year old Nipponese cooker called the Mushikamado. When an American airline pilot brought the traditional engineering back to the United States, he dubbed it the Kamado. In 1974, BGE began producing outdoor barbecues based on the Kamado's design principle and ceramic structure. The Big Green Egg combines grilling, barbecuing, and smoking powers for any kind of meat, fish, or veggies. Mufflers allow for precise control of the temperature from 50 degrees to 750 degrees. Smoking occurs at low temperatures between 150 and 250 degrees, whereas barbecuing commonly is executed at much hotter temperatures.

Many barbecue lovers claim the grill produces juicier, more tender meat since the ceramic exterior holds in moisture better than metal grills. Like other grills, the Egg comes with a variety of grill sizes, from 13 inches in grill diameter to 24 inches in grill diameter. The cooker is designed to allow for easy lighting even with strong winds, as well as easy charcoal replenishment and removal. Contact us today should you have any questions regarding fireplace accessories or fireplaces in general.

Make Sure You Wood Stove Enthusiasts Follow Proper Safety Measures

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Fireplaces and wood stoves are used  to help heat homes all across the country during the chilly months of the seasons. And if you have a wood stove then you know that wood heat is a renewable energy source that has many benefits. However, if not careful the use of wood heat can result in problems. So we want to provide some safety tips to remember during the winter time.

The first thing to do each and every year is to have a chimney sweep clean the flue. This will remove the creosote that had built up. Creosote is the black substance that condenses in the flue or stove pipe. Check the clearance of combustible materials from the fireplace or wood stove. The needed clearance will vary depending upon the model of the wood stove. Hearths should extend at least 18 inches on the floor in all directions and of course be non-combustible. The clearance from the wall depends upon use or not of a heat shield. A good rule of thumb is keeping combustibles 36 inches away.

Care should also be taken with the wood that is intended to be burned. Firewood should not be stored directly next to the house or inside. To do so risk bringing in wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants, termites and powder post beetles. It is better to bring in the wood as you need it. Always burn suspect wood immediately once brought inside to kill any bad bugs. Wood stoves are a great investment and if you’re like many Americans who love the feel and smell of a wood burning stove, then we have the perfect stoves for you. Contact us today to find out how you can get your very own wood stove, or even if you need any accessories for your fireplace needs. We have a wide selection of stoves, fireplaces, and accessories, so be sure to check them out!