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Give Dad The Perfect “Turkey Grillin’ Machine” For Thanksgiving

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 11, 2010

It happens every year.  The turkey owns your oven and you are out of oven spaceThe Fireplace Showcase has your answer.  The XL EGG grill which is large enough to grill TWO 20-lb birds for you this Holiday season.  Maybe you are not doing turkey this year.  The XL EGG will easily do 12 steaks at a time.  She really is a grillin’ machine.  For many years the Large EGG was our most popular size. It has substantial capacity (one 20-lb turkey, 6 chickens, or 8 steaks), but as consumers increased the frequency of their outdoor cooking, they discovered that entire meals could be cooked over the coals. We realized there was a substantial demand for an even bigger EGG so we developed the XL Big Green Egg.

With any great product come customized product accessories.  Be sure to check out our Green Egg accessories to include 3Tier Racks, Flexible Skewers, cookbooks and more.
We want to remind you that time is running out on the incredible Vermont Castings rebate offer on all  stove and insert products.  Their product rebates offer (up to $250) expire on October 31st.  And of course, The Fireplace Showcase has a host of discount web coupons ranging from stove purchase discounts to stove and chimney cleaning services.  View them all on our Specials page.  

Eliminate Fire Risk – Get Your Chimney Swept Before Firing Up

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 04, 2010
The Fireplace Showcase cares about you and your family.  Soon the local news will begin to buzz about area home fires that originate in the chimney.  Hopefully those fires remain localized to the chimney, but sadly that is not always the case.  

Our trained, licensed, and professional chimney technicians have knowledge, experience, and the tools to tackle any job, big or small. We sweep, clean, service, install, repair, and inspect all types of fireplace chimneys.  

Of course now is the time to consider replacing that old, inefficient, and dated fireplace.  If you haven’t done so recently, check out our “Fireplaces” section of our website.  There you will find an assortment of beautiful, affordable, and energy efficient fireplaces.  Choose from vent free or vented solutions, natural wood, or pellet stoves and fireplace inserts.

We need you to realize that the cost of chimney service is nominal (as low as $125 and rarely exceeding $200) compared to the damage that an non-maintained chimney can do to your home.  Call The Fireplace Showcase today before you fire-up your fireplace.  The safety of your family depends on it.

Get A “New” Fireplace By Re-Facing Your Old

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When living in any home for years (or when moving into a new home) certain things about the home will naturally bother you.  For example, that dated fireplace begins to scream at you but your ears tend to tune it out for fear of a huge expense associated with replacing the eyesore.  Acquiring a modern and attractive looking fire place is actually quite affordable with The Fireplace Showcase re-facing products and services.

Re-facing the fireplace involves using different fireplace accessories on the exterior face of the fireplace. Our professionals create a high-end elegant look with marble slabs, a modern look with concrete slabs, or a Craftsman look with small tiles in different shades and complementary woodwork. You can either add a mantel or remove one. You can change the shape or the size of the mantel to provide different proportions to your fireplace. Another option is to sheetrock or plaster parts of the fireplace. If the mass of the fireplace is too much for the room, you can reduce it by adding sheetrock or paneling to the exterior. There are even veneer stone and brick materials that are fairly easy to apply that can give your fireplace a very traditional look.  Finish it off with new fireplace glass doors.

The important thing to remember when re-facing a fireplace is to understand your local code. Combustible materials such as wood mantels and paneling must be kept a certain distance from the firebox (generally 6 inches or more). The building code also limits how far these materials project from the face of the fireplace, how large the hearth extension must be, and so on. Codes vary around the country - it is important to evaluate your project relative to the codes enforced in your area.

This is a good project to invest in if you are unsatisfied with your current fireplace. Let us evaluate your fireplace and give our expert opinion on which option is best for you and your fireplace at home.

Wood Stove Steamers -- Superb Humidifiers And Source For Aromatherapy

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 22, 2010

With winter comes that familiar dry New England air.  Indoor air quality suffers with the house buttoned down tight.  For the health of both your family and delicate wood, think now about how you will keep your home humidified.  Introducing one of THE most practical fireplace accessories on the market today, Wood Stovetop Steamers.

The Fireplace Showcase steamers come in many shapes and sizes; teapots, animals and other shapes. They are also quite easy to use as you simply fill with water and place on the stove. Some people may not like the smell of burning wood.  In that case, simply add potpourri or your choice of spice to the water. Once the steam begins releasing into your home, it will release the sweet smell of fragrance as well.

In some cases, a wood stove steamer is not suitable for heating drinking water. If your intention is to purchase this type of steamer for making tea or other similar reasons, be sure to read the instructions before purchasing.

One of the most notable ideas behind purchasing a wood stove steamer is the decorative value it can add to your kitchen. Due to their wondrous shape and quality, just leave these beauties on the stove for all to see. If you wish to add decor to your kitchen, need that extra humidity for your home or simply wish to entertain guests over a cup of warm tea; a wood stove steamer is what you are looking for. 

Of course, The Fireplace Showcase offers a full range of fireplace accessories to include fireplace glass doors, facing doors, chimney caps, and fireplace wall cabinets.

Wireless Remote - Room Temperature and Control Made Easy

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Fireplace Showcase offers a wide range of fireplace accessories that add to luxury, convenience, and economy to your life.  One of the hottest product lines on the market today is Skytech System's fireplace remote control units. Skyteck products put constant control of your fireplace in the palm of your hand. The concept of fireplace remote control is years old but only recently became affordable an affordable fireplace control option.

Indeed, you can control the temperature of any room via the central heating system’s thermostat, however, central heating does not provide the same cozy warmth of a gas fireplace. The central heating thermostat does not target any one specific room. Why heat the entire house when you only really need heat in the den?   Skytech systems empower you to apply targeted heat right where and when you need it.  
Simply replace the existing switch on your wall with this wireless system and you'll be able to conveniently control your fireplace within 20 feet of the fireplace.  The Wireless Fireplace Thermostat/Remote system works with any fireplace system whether it your brand new Vermont Castings  fireplace or they system that has served you faithfully for years.  The thermo-safety feature built in to the receiver turn the system off if ambient air temperatures exceed 130 degrees. Use the programmable timer on some models for even added convenience.  

This neat little family of products is one part practical and one part convenience.  The system can pay for itself quickly in decreased energy costs associated with your central heating system. Look at the wide variety of fireplace technologies and accessories sure to add quality to any room in the house.  Contact us today for more information on how you can get started with the Skytech Systems Remote Control system.

Top Quality Wood Mantel Pieces

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 10, 2010

Fireplace mantels are arguably the centerpiece of any fireplace in your home. The mantel is used to store antiques, collectibles, or other personal memorabilia that you would like to share with friends and family. With today's fireplaces, many people opt for a custom fireplace mantel. Here's a look at some of the things you will want to know about a mantel before making a decision.

One of the first things you will want to decide on is what type of style you want in a custom fireplace mantel. We have many different finishes available for all your mantel needs. Not only can you create a one of a kind look with your mantel, but it will also last forever. For a wood fireplace mantel you can choose to use everything from available in Honey Oak, Dark Cherry birch, unfinished oak or birch wood.. The advantage here is in reduced costs. You can also paint the wood to give it a custom look that matches your rooms color scheme as well.

Choosing wood would definitely bring out the beauty of surrounding wooden furniture, the uniformity of it all making it easy on the eyes with continuity throughout the room. Wood mantels have been around since World War I and are still one of the most chosen.

One of our most popular types is the oak mantels. Oak is indeed a superior wood, which brings its outdoor beauty into the home. Because this is a versatile type of wood, it blends nicely with other natural textures. For instance, an oak mantel will go well with a fireplace that has a marble facing. And when it comes to accessories, brass and or wrought iron would just about do the trick.

Fireplace Showcase Tips On Buying A Gas Fireplace

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 03, 2010

For some gas fireplaces have increasingly become a favored choice over traditional fireplaces. They are easy to turn on with the flip of a switch, making them far more convenient to use than wood burning fireplaces. Many gas fireplaces are also available with remote controls and wall thermostats. Gas fireplaces do not require the purchase of wood nor the labor associated with purchase and storage. Avoiding wood piles means avoiding the termite risk that accompanies all wood storage areas. In multiple ways, gas fireplaces are simply a cleaner option.

Gas fireplaces are clean burning, energy efficient, and save the customers money over time. If you prefer liquid propane, The Fireplace Showcase can accommodate either version. Fireplace Showcase offers many models, sizes and styles to all their customers. The small downside however, is even the best ones don't offer the same flame look as a wood fire. But the amount of energy and money you'll be saving might out weigh the loss of the natural aesthetic look.       

There are both direct vent and vent free gas fireplaces available. Direct vent fireplaces use zero-clearance technology, meaning they don't need chimneys or foundations. A direct vent allows all of the combustion gases and moisture to leave your home without all the build up in chimneys. Venting is usually though a wall or roof, allowing for more flexibility than if a chimney was required. They are also easier to install than units with a chimney and give you greater placement options. 

A gas fireplace can be installed anywhere that a gas line is available, both in the middle of a room and along an outside wall. So you can have that traditional fireplace look along the wall, or try for a new sleek modern look in the middle of the room. Fireplace showcase can help with any installation and answer any questions you may have about placement. One last great perk about a gas fireplace is that they are easily maintained. All you need to do is have an annual inspection of the burner, fan, venting, pilot light and thermostat.

Gas fireplaces are not for everyone. The beauty and reward of traditional fireplaces and natural flame is undeniable. So of course, it always comes down to personal preference. Whatever your preference is, The Fireplace Showcase is there to deliver quality and valued solutions that will last a lifetime.

Fireplace Screens And Their Importance

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 30, 2010

Our blog generally has a lot of different safety tips or information about stoves and chimneys. You can never be too careful with fire, although the fire is in a controlled environment with our fireplaces or chimneys, accidents can happen. In this blog we'd like to share with you some great information about fireplace screens. They are an essential and important fundamental part to any lovely fireplace you have inserted in your home.
Screens around fireplaces and wood stoves do more then just protect your carpet from flying sparks - they protect people - especially children - from serious burns. Whenever you are burning in your fireplace or wood stove it is very important to have a screen in place. Most screens are very lightweight. This makes it easy for them to be moved when required so that you can load wood into your stove. It also means that if they fall over on a child they will not be harmed. The sound of a screen falling over will scare the child and alert the parent to check on things.
Screens aren't just for the safety of children they are also important for adults as well. It is far too easy to brush up against a hot stove and get a burn. This is especially true when you have company visiting who may not be used to a wood stove.
A proper screen may also assist in preventing flammable materials from coming in close proximity to your wood stove. Once again children have a tendency to throw balls and dolls and all manner of things in all directions. A screen will prevent these objects from coming in contact with your stove. Thus saving your home from an accidental fire and also the child's toy, which could end up being a tragedy for people with children.
A screen does not need to be large and intrusive. Many are very decorative and ornate. The consequences of not having a screen are severe enough that nobody should consider burning a wood stove without one. So consider any of our attractive fireplace screens for a safe and beautiful new addition to your home.

The Fireplace Showcase Jungle Gyms Are Great For Child Development

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 23, 2010

A great addition to any family home is a jungle gym. The Fireplace Showcase's "Fantasy Jungle Gyms" offer great opportunities for children to gain confidence, increase strength, mobility, and coordination. 

A jungle gym creates the opportunity for children to learn how to make use of the different spirals of the body.  Spirals are muscle movements that are contracted (rotated inwards) or expanded (outward rotation).  Spiral movement maturity is one of the main differences between clumsy youth and the coordinated adult.   Jungle gym play is an efficient classroom to learn spiral development, body balance,  left and right, up and down, and appropriate muscle  tension and relaxation. These are skills the human learns subconsciously from birth.  Depending on how quickly, accurately, and ingrained these subconscious lessons are learned often dictate the difference between the injury free and the injury prone.  

Many of the jungle gym activities involve balance and provide an opportunity for children to master the necessary skills to manage their center of gravity better. By frequently playing on a jungle gym, their movements become more skillful and graceful. They learn to manage the force of gravity and how to use their bodies in a space that has certain limitations and obstacles. As they develop these skills, they gain confidence and learn to trust their bodies, as well as when not to push too far and when to push a little bit further.

Today’s jungle gyms are also safe learning spaces for your children.  Advances in bar spacing, non-slip material, and shock absorbing floors make today’s jungle gym offer little resemblance to the jungle gyms of previous generations. The biggest “risk” of today’s jungle gym is increasing your child’s popularity in the neighborhood and making your back yard  “the place to be”.  I think most of us would gladly accept that “risk”.  We actually offer five different styles of jungle gyms and welcome the opportunity to discuss each of them to you.   Give us a call to learn more.

Important Tips For Safe Gas Grill Operation

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In this blog post  we will share some safety tips on using your gas grill. Even if you do not own a gas grill it is still a good idea to read on as you or your family inevitably will find yourself in close contact with a “griller”.   You would be surprised at the dangerous things people do around flammable gas.  

  • When you are barbecuing, only open the propane tank valve half-a-turn. This supplies enough gas to the burners, and makes emergency shut off very fast, should you ever need to close the valve.
  • The proper sequence for starting a grill is (1) Open the grill lid, (2) turn on the gas supply, (3) turn the ignition burner to high, (4) light the ignition, (5) turn on the second burner if needed. By following this sequence, excess gas will not accumulate inside the grill before it is ignited, preventing an explosion that could damage your grill and even cause personal injury.
  • Never fuel lawn mowers or any other tool or motorized toy anywhere near a burning grill.  
  • Perform routine maintenance such as inspection and cleaning of venture tubes for insects or grease.
  • Check gas hoses for wear such as cracking, brittleness or leaks. Be sure there are no sharp bends.
  • Keep gas hoses away from hot surfaces or install a heat shield to protect them.
  • Replace scratched or damaged connectors which could leak gas.
  • Following your manufacturer's instructions, check for gas leaks. You should not smell gas. If you do, immediately turn off the gas until the leak is fixed.
  • Keep lighted cigarettes, matches, candles or any open flame away from a leaking grill.
  • Never use a grill indoors. It must be at least 10 feet away from any building. It should not be used in the garage, breezeway, carport, porch or under any surface that could catch fire.
  • Never try to repair the tank valve or the grill by yourself. See a qualified LP gas dealer or repair person.
  • Always follow your manufacturer's instructions that came with your grill.
If you have a propane tank  then a couple of Propane tank tips are mentioned below:
  • Always keep containers upright
  • Never store a spare gas container under or near the grill or indoors
  • Never store or use flammable liquids, like gasoline near the grill
  • Always transport LP gas containers in a secure, upright position
  • Never keep a filled container in a hot car or car trunk. Heat causes the gas pressure to rise, which could open the relief valve and allow gas to escape.
  • Always use extreme caution and carefully follow your manufacturer's instructions when connecting or disconnecting your LP container.
Your friends at The Fireplace Showcase sincerely care for you and your families.  Product safety education and training is fundamentally important to all of us here.  When you purchase industry-leading quality gas grills from The Fireplace Showcase, you can rest assured we will be there for you to discuss the safe operation of the same.  Our final point is this.  While you might find most (if not all) of these tips to be "common knowledge", the fact is that grill mishaps cause injury to Americans on a daily basis. We will do our part to ensure this never happens to you.   Please be smart, be safe, and enjoy your grilling.