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Happy New Year from The Fireplace Showcase

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 31, 2015

Normally at this time of week, we at The Fireplace Showcase reserve time and energy to author our blogs.  We do this in the interest of keeping you all updated, educated, and informed on subjects that we hope provide you both personal and professional reward.

As we sit now with the holiday celebrations of last week behind us but with the warmth of family still surrounding us, our thoughts are with you.  With the New Year just days away, our thoughts include true appreciation for our relationships with each of you and how those relationships allow for us to take this briefest of moments to fully prioritize and celebrate family.

As we approach the New Year's celebration, may you all remain safe and surrounded by family.  May 2016 be a most merry and prosperous year for you and your businesses.  And may we be honored with privilege of your continued friendships and partnership for 2016 and for years to come.

Warmest Regards To You All....

Children’s Outdoor Swing Sets Make Your Kids Happy While You Can be Worry-Free – Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 01, 2015

Weather is warming up and as parents you may be looking for where to buy children’s outdoor swing sets in Providence, RI.

The Fireplace Showcase carries a wide selection of children’s outdoor swing sets from Eastern Jungle Gym with a wide range of sizes to fit any yard. These swing sets are custom-engineered using Thru-Bolt Construction and a Flush mount fastener system, which makes them easy to install and extremely strong in order to keep your children safe while they have fun. In addition to their long lasting finish, they also have a protective coating which makes them resistant to rot and insect damage so they will last for years and years.

Incorporating kid-wise swing sets to your backyard will provide a summer staycation for your children. These swing sets also come with heavy duty slides, commercial grade swing hangers, and steel ladder rungs. Every play component is created with strength and safety in mind so you will can remain worry-free as your children and their friends climb on the swing set and glide their way to happiness.

To find out what size and style swing set is best for your children and your budget, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Moving Hot Air – How To Heat Your House Using Your Fireplace - Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 03, 2015

February saw some record-breaking temperatures, and this winter has borne with it some immense amounts of snow in some parts of North America. If you have a wood burning or pellet-burning stove, fireplace or insert, you’ve probably tried to augment or even replace your home heating by using these fabulous appliances. It’s an exacting science, moving hot air from one space into all of the others, and there are several solutions to explore. Heating your house using your fireplace is pretty simple. Depending on what kind of house you have, these tips are pretty effective too.

Go With The Flow

There are loads of ways to create airflow in your home. It is dependent, mostly, on the style of house you have. The best set up would be having your fireplace/stove/insert located on the main floor or main living area with a centralized location, or in an open concept space. Or having a ranch style house (long and sprawling), with the unit in the middle so you have two smaller wings to heat. Many people, for cleanliness reasons, opt for a basement installation of their fireplace/stove/insert especially if they are using a pellet or wood-burning model. This is where you may have an issue. But fear not! There are solutions, because sure hot air rises, but it needs a little bit of help.

Let’s Get Moving – Cheap And Simple

If you have a forced air heating and cooling system, turn on the fan and just use it to circulate the air that is created by your fireplace. This works best in more open concept spaces and smaller homes where heat loss to the vents won’t be noticeable. If you have ceiling fans, reversing them so that the air is being pulled up is another way to circulate that heat. The moving air is pulled up, thrown against the ceiling and then comes down the walls and is sucked back up again, much like a convection oven, only cozy with less cooking. This also works well if the fireplace is in a common and social area.

A Little Electricity Goes A Long Way

What do you do if you haven’t got a forced air system to move the air around? There are several fan options that you can use, including fans that sit in the upper corner of doors, and even your big old box fan. Place the box fan on low, facing INTO the space where your fireplace is, blowing the cool air at the unit. This will cause a convection reaction and the hot air will be forced away from the burning unit. If in a small room, the hot air will be moving out the door into larger spaces in no time.

May Require Renos

If you’re still not getting the heat that you want, you may think about some minor renovations, like adding a pass through vent over the burning unit, into the room above. This simple mod will allow the heat produced by your fireplace to simply flow upwards. In a ranch style house, the long kind, adding transoms over the doors – those little windows but without adding glass – will allow for increased airflow. Doing this in conjunction with using ceiling fans or the home’s venting systems will make for a nice and warm home. Even better, you will add more light to your beautiful home if you choose to do this as well.

To check on the effectiveness of moving hot air from one space to another, try taping a streamer or piece of toilet paper to the doorframe. If it’s moving, you have airflow. If not, other solutions may be necessary. Either way, it is possible to heat your home by moving hot air generated by a wood or pellet burning fireplace/stove/insert.

To view our full line of wood burning and pellet burning appliances contact Fireplace Showcase.

Functional and Fanciful Swing Sets for Kids are Hot This Summer - Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, July 12, 2014

Who hasn't dreamed of living in a tree house? It is now possible to make wonderful memories of your fun-filled backyard adventures in a tree house even if you do not have big tree at home.

Tree houses are often built for recreation and other leisure purposes. Wouldn't it be great for your kids to experience playing in a tree house? What better way to enjoy the warm season than playing at your  Fantasy Tree-House Swing Set?

Fantasy Tree-House Swing Sets in Providence RI are functional and fanciful, making them a perfect place to play while the sun is out. This is durable enough for kids to play at.  They will surely love it. This swing set incorporates the concept of a tree house and includes a climbing wall as if your kids are really climbing a tree trunk. Plus, it comes with a sliding board to make playing at your backyard more enjoyable.

Tree house swing sets are designed not just to keep the kids busy physically. These swing sets are also a motivation to build the kid's imagination, providing them a platform in which they can feel how fun it is to climb a tree and how liberating it is to be staying above the ground.

There are also other custom designs for swing sets in Providence RI which you could use in your backyard this summer and all throughout the year. Just contact The Fireplace Showcase for more details. And, right now, our swing sets are 25% off!

Choose a Gas Fireplace to Cut the Cold During Spring Nights - Cape Cod, Providence

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 12, 2014

Winter may be gone, but homes on the Cape or near the water in RI can often benefit from a fire at night during the spring and early summer. Wood is good to warm your home, but if you only want a nighttime fire to chase away the chill, wouldn't it be better to have a fire in the hearth with just a push of a button? Gas fireplaces give you a lot more convenience, comfort and, of course, control.

Bring your fire to life with just one click – no more feeding the fire with wood! With the traditional or  contemporary gas fireplace designs, a no-fuss efficiency and hands-off appeal is guaranteed.  It is very easy and convenient to use a gas fireplace. You can simply light the fire, set the warmth, set, and turn it off at the touch of a button. By using one, you can adjust the amount of heat you want and heat a room in a hurry.

Gas fireplaces still offer the look of wood fireplaces and traditional fires. But gone are the days of splitting, stacking or hauling logs to generate the heat you need at home. Using gas-fueled fireplaces leaves no ashes or smoke, and it’s easy! The fire looks  like a real wood, and gives of heat like a wood fire will; only without the fumes and mess. They can be installed very easily in almost any room in your home.

Gas fireplaces come in different designs and styles. Many of them have options for customizing them even further, to match any style décor.

Check out the traditional and contemporary gas fireplace designs and other specials in-store, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Chimney Caps Protect Your Chimney from Critters – Providence

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 02, 2014

Spring is here. Many homeowners are beginning to clean up hearths and chimneys now that the cold weather season is over. As the cold weather starts, it is fun to get the fireplace ready, but now that the warm weather is here, it is just as fun to shut it down.

Spring season also means that animals, birds and other critters are starting to come out of hibernation, or are starting to build their homes. Chimneys are the perfect place for an animals’ new home. Weather and the wildlife are your chimneys’ biggest enemies. All kinds of animals like to make their homes in chimneys especially if the fireplace has not been used for a couple of years. Animals in chimneys will often lead to animals in your home. Chimney caps can prevent nesting.

Now that it is time to shut down your fireplaces and wood stoves, it is also time to care for the venting system for your fireplace as well. Chimney Caps are an integral part of that venting system. Without chimney caps, moisture can get into your chimney which can cause cracks. Cracks and seams can ruin your chimney. If your chimney is brick, it is particularly susceptible to moisture.

Wind and weather can erode a chimney and chimney caps can provide extra protection against weather and wind while prolonging its structural integrity.

If you do not have a chimney cap this spring, now is the time to get one. Fireplace Showplace can help you decide which style is best for your home, contact us.

Wooden Swing Set Sale - Providence

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 24, 2014

Eastern Jungle Gym is one of the biggest names in wooden swing sets.  Right now the Fireplace Showcase is having a sale on Eastern Jungle Gyms displays and the installation is only $199. Even just the names of these imaginative wooden swing sets make you think of fun, childhood play.

Names like Dream, Fantasy, Sky, and Dreamscape make kids and adults want to play. Get your kids outside and help them recapture your child’s imagination during the warmer weather. Add a fun, new, play space in your backyard with a wooden swing set. Get their adventures started.

In various sizes and with loads of amenities, the wooden jungle gyms from Eastern Jungle Gyms are designed to fit your yard and your budget. Choose clubhouses, slides, climbing walls, pirate ships, tents or Spiral Tube Slides, and add adventure to your backyard for endless hours of fun.

An Eastern Jungle Gym will enhance your back yard. And the Fireplace Showcase is offering 25% off the display sale. These wooden swing sets are synonymous with quality, strength and value. At Fireplace Showplace, see how you can let the adventures begin!  Contact us.

Storage Sheds for Seasonal Yard Equipment and Toys – Providence

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 11, 2014

The warm weather is here. It is time to uncover all of that spring yard equipment, and it is also time to put away the snow blower, snow shovels, sleds, and winter gear from the spring. It might also be the time to buy an outdoor storage shed so that you can finally have a spot for all of this expensive equipment.

As homeowners, it gets more and more difficult through the years to find and store all of your yard equipment. We just keep accumulating more and more yard equipment and kid’s toys. Often it seems the garage gets overtaken with ‘stuff’. Maybe you should consider a storage shed.

As you get ready for spring, consider what you want and need in a storage shed. Do you want to use it only for kid’s seasonal toys? Outdoor yard equipment? Seasonal equipment? Lawn furniture and grilling supplies? A storage shed is a great option to keep all of these seasonal items and equipment organized, and out of sight. But, the first thing you need to do is decide what you will be storing in your storage shed.

Once this is decided, put everything into the driveway and decide how many square feet you need. Remember, your shed will have shelving if you would like, so think about vertical storage as well. By deciding on the size storage shed you need, you can also then get a better idea of where you want to place it in your yard.

If you are storing a riding lawn mower, a large gas grill, bikes, or a snow blower you may want to consider a shed with a ramp in the entrance for easy access. Where you will be placing it in the yard may also lead you to other considerations like wood or vinyl siding, if you want windows, and what type of entry door you would like.

Let’s face, after years of being a homeowner, we often outgrow our storage space. Storing everything in your garage can take up too much room. At Fireplace Showcase we offer sheds in both wood and vinyl, and in many shapes, styles and sizes. Contact us for more information.

Hearth and Grill Products at the RI Home Show - Providence

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 04, 2014

If you are making any types of changes to your home, anything from a new roof to a new patio and gas grill, you need to head to the Rhode Island Home Show this weekend.  If it is a new grill you are in the market for, head over to booth #701 to see the Fireplace Showcase where we will be raffling off a new Napoleon portable gas grill.

For tailgate season, beach time, festivals and picnics this portable gas grill can go anywhere you want to go. You are used to a small, portable grill being a charcoal grill. Charcoal grills are less convenient and not as easy to use as gas. But with this Napoleon gas grill, you have portability and convenience.

Anywhere, anytime, the Napoleon portable  gas grills make having fun easy. For camping, hiking or boating, you can go anywhere and still have the comfort and convenience of quality grilling. Anywhere outdoor space can is limited, these portable barbecues are the perfect solution.

At the Rhode Island home show this weekend, visit Fireplace Showcase and you can take a look at hearth and grill products for inside your home as well as  for your outdoor living space.

The Rhode Island Home Show will be held at the RI Convention Center, 1 Sabin Street, Providence, RI.

Home show dates and times:

Thursday, April 3
3pm - 9pm

Friday, April 4
3pm - 9pm

Saturday, April 5
10am - 9pm

Sunday, April 6
10am - 5pm

For more information, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Wooden Swing Sets Adults and Kids a Form of Physical Activity - Providence

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This spring you don’t have to let parenting get in the way of getting your exercise. If you have kids, it can be even easier than ever to exercise, you can make it part of your playtime together on an wooden swing set.

"I love going out and playing with my kids on the wooden swing set," says a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. "If we play for  20 minutes five times a week, I'm having a hard workout and they're having a blast while we're laughing and talking."

Most healthy adults should get at least 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week.

You can exceeds physical fitness recommendations just by playing with your kids in the backyard playground that you can create with an Eastern Jungle Gym wooden swing set.  This can make your exercise feel not like work but like fun.

Even though you are older, a parent, you can feel young while you and your kids bond and play on the wooden jungle gym set right in your own backyard.

Swings: Pumping your legs to swing high targets your quadriceps and hamstrings, which are at the front and back of your thighs. The harder you pump, the higher you swing and the more intense your workout becomes. If you push your child on the swing, you will work your triceps.

Slides: Climbing the steps is good for your quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks. Sliding down should lift your spirits, which boosts your energy. If you want to catch your child at the bottom, you can try lifting the child overhead for an upper-body workout, but only after bending at the knees to protect your back.

Monkey bars: Swinging from bar to bar works your upper body. Climbing up and down the bars exercises your arms and legs at the same time. Hanging from a bar stretches your whole body. If you can do a chin-up, that will strengthen your arms, back and shoulders.

Seesaw: This is a great strength-training workout. Every time you land, the impact helps keep your bones strong. Pushing off to go back up works your legs and buttocks.

For more information on wooden swing sets and to take advantage of our installation special which runs through March 31st, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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