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Warm Weather, New Grill!

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finally, we have nice weather on the South Shore, Cape Cod and Rhode Island! It is time to start thinking about your outdoor spaces, namely a new gas grill or charcoal grill.

Napoleon has been designing and manufacturing only the finest high efficiency gas grills, charcoal grills, and built in grills that you can depend on for years. Superior technology, rock solid performance and balanced design are the hallmark of the Napoleon gourmet grills. Napoleon grills are designed to excel, offering a cooking experience as gratifying as the wonderful meals you will create. Discover the beauty and simplicity of Napoleon innovation - the ideal complement to your outdoor living space.

For more information on Napoleon grills, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Utilizing An Ash Bucket At Your Fireplace Can Help Prevent Fires

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Whenever you burn a solid fuel, such as wood, coal, or pellets, in your stove, fireplace, or insert, you will be left with ashes to remove. These ashes must be removed periodically as they can affect both performance and durability of the product. The frequency of this ash removal will depend on the product itself, the type of fuel being burned, and the species of the fuel. Small bits of hot coals removed, mixed and buried within the ashes, represent a hidden danger. What many consumers are unaware of is that these hot coals can stay dormant for weeks when buried in ashes. The ash acts as an insulator keeping coals from burning out. All these coals need to flare up once more is oxygen. It’s for this reason fire departments often return to a scene to place more water on smoldering timbers and newly flared coals.

The key is a safe removal of ashes and coals from the product, and from the living quarters. The proper type of ash “holder” or pail, for ash removal and storage should also be sheet metal. The bottom should be slightly offset from the bottom so that the actual bottom does not make contact with flooring. The edge will and should make contact, but the majority of the bottom is elevated. The pail should have a large wire handle for easy carrying. And, most importantly, the pail should have a lid that closes tightly. This is the key for safety. Spend the few extra dollars to purchase an ash bucket that has the features just mentioned. There are many ash buckets in our industry that are quite decorative as well so aesthetics need not be too ignored. And, do not place the bucket directly on a wood porch or breezeway floor, but instead, on a non-combustible surface such as stone, concrete, brick, or slate. Contact us today if you need any fireplace accessories or even questions about fireplace inserts and stoves.

Important Tips For Safe Gas Grill Operation

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In this blog post  we will share some safety tips on using your gas grill. Even if you do not own a gas grill it is still a good idea to read on as you or your family inevitably will find yourself in close contact with a “griller”.   You would be surprised at the dangerous things people do around flammable gas.  

  • When you are barbecuing, only open the propane tank valve half-a-turn. This supplies enough gas to the burners, and makes emergency shut off very fast, should you ever need to close the valve.
  • The proper sequence for starting a grill is (1) Open the grill lid, (2) turn on the gas supply, (3) turn the ignition burner to high, (4) light the ignition, (5) turn on the second burner if needed. By following this sequence, excess gas will not accumulate inside the grill before it is ignited, preventing an explosion that could damage your grill and even cause personal injury.
  • Never fuel lawn mowers or any other tool or motorized toy anywhere near a burning grill.  
  • Perform routine maintenance such as inspection and cleaning of venture tubes for insects or grease.
  • Check gas hoses for wear such as cracking, brittleness or leaks. Be sure there are no sharp bends.
  • Keep gas hoses away from hot surfaces or install a heat shield to protect them.
  • Replace scratched or damaged connectors which could leak gas.
  • Following your manufacturer's instructions, check for gas leaks. You should not smell gas. If you do, immediately turn off the gas until the leak is fixed.
  • Keep lighted cigarettes, matches, candles or any open flame away from a leaking grill.
  • Never use a grill indoors. It must be at least 10 feet away from any building. It should not be used in the garage, breezeway, carport, porch or under any surface that could catch fire.
  • Never try to repair the tank valve or the grill by yourself. See a qualified LP gas dealer or repair person.
  • Always follow your manufacturer's instructions that came with your grill.
If you have a propane tank  then a couple of Propane tank tips are mentioned below:
  • Always keep containers upright
  • Never store a spare gas container under or near the grill or indoors
  • Never store or use flammable liquids, like gasoline near the grill
  • Always transport LP gas containers in a secure, upright position
  • Never keep a filled container in a hot car or car trunk. Heat causes the gas pressure to rise, which could open the relief valve and allow gas to escape.
  • Always use extreme caution and carefully follow your manufacturer's instructions when connecting or disconnecting your LP container.
Your friends at The Fireplace Showcase sincerely care for you and your families.  Product safety education and training is fundamentally important to all of us here.  When you purchase industry-leading quality gas grills from The Fireplace Showcase, you can rest assured we will be there for you to discuss the safe operation of the same.  Our final point is this.  While you might find most (if not all) of these tips to be "common knowledge", the fact is that grill mishaps cause injury to Americans on a daily basis. We will do our part to ensure this never happens to you.   Please be smart, be safe, and enjoy your grilling.

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