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Pellet Stoves Are Better for the Environment and Your Budget - Seekonk, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 04, 2015

As the expenses for heating homes rise and the complications of climate changes increase, more and more homeowners are looking for an environmentally-friendly heating alternative that will also fit their budget. Due to the advances in technology, there are many more choices for homeowners to keep homes warm and comfortable during winter. However, not all are equal. While some heating options are best for new construction, some are ideally suited for retrofitting existing homes. One of these options is pellet stoves in Seekonk, MA.

If you are looking for a safer and cleaner way to heat your home, pellet stoves are a good bet because they use renewable energy as fuel. Pellets are made of compressed wood byproducts and other biomass materials. This means that there are less particulates in the smoke as it is released into the air so the waste going into the environment is greatly reduced. Using these free-standing pellet stoves reduces home energy costs, because pellet fuel is not expensive.

Heating with pellet stoves is more convenient when the temperatures drop and you want to stay comfortable and warm. It takes just a few minutes to start-up a pellet stove. The auger automatically feeds pellets into the burn pot as needed. All you need to do is fill the hopper daily. You no longer have to hassle with handling firewood and tending the fire.

Many homes can be heated almost entirely with a pellet stove. To find out more about pellet stoves for your home, visit The Fireplace Showcase.

Wood Pellet Stoves are a Cost-effective, Energy-Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly Alternative Heating Technology – Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 19, 2014

An alternative way to heat your home is with the use of pellets instead of gas, oil, or other fossil fuels. Wood pellets are made out of recycled and compressed sawdust, bark, wood chips, and other agricultural waste and organic byproduct that normally end up in a landfill. By turning this organic material into wood pellets, waste in the environment is being reduced while you reap the benefit from the heat that these wood pellets produce.

Wood pellet stoves in Providence, RI rank high in combustion and heating efficiency, generating heat without compromising comfort and convenience. The heating qualities of pellet stoves may be underestimated by some, but their compact size makes them very convenient to operate while providing enough heat to keep you warm all winter.

Using pellet stoves for heat can decrease your energy bills and make your home heating more efficient, all while helping the environment. Pellet stoves are environmentally friendly because they are the cleanest among solid fuel-burning residential heating appliances available in Providence. This is why they are considered a more cost-effective and energy-efficient means of keeping your home warm in the winter.

To find out more about wood pellet, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Wood Stoves Continue to Improve and are a More Effective Alternative for Heating Homes– Providence, RI

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 15, 2014

Nothing has advantages quite like wood stoves in Providence, RI when it comes to making your home cozy and comfortable in the winter. When burning, the fire looks attractive while it generates heat with an economical and ecological fuel.

Homeowners are looking for an effective alternative heating source for winter home heating. Wood-burning stoves have always been a popular choice in Massachusetts and all of New England, and they remain popular today, especially for those homeowners who have an easy source of firewood for fuel. The radiant heat of a wood burning stove can warm your living space in a way that hot air systems cannot. Plus, it is possible to generate heat without electricity so your home will be warm and comfortable even during winter storms when the power goes out.

Wood stoves are also now more environmentally friendly than the wood stoves of the past. Efforts have been made that have succeeded to improve the amount of pollutants they emit in the wood smoke, making them an environmentally friendly heating alternative. This makes wood stoves a more effective heating solution than they once were. Additionally, wood burning stoves use a renewable resource for fuel.

A wood stove can be used as your home’s main heat source or as a supplemental form of heat. For more information contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Working Fireplaces Increase Home Value

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you are remodeling your home or building a new home, be sure to add a fireplace or fireplace insert. A working fireplace adds value to your home, and is considered a plus to home buyers.

Fireplaces and inserts can be fueled by natural gas, pellets, or wood and all these fuel sources have their advantages and disadvantages.

Many homeowners are interested in green heat, or alternative home heating solutions. So pellet and wood fireplace inserts are very desirable. Both pellets and wood are considered renewable energy sources and are economical. You will surely set your home apart when it comes time to sell by talking with potential buyers about the lower home heating bills and higher heating efficiency of your home.

Gas fireplace inserts are generally easier to use with less mess and effort. Controlled by a thermostat or remote control, gas fireplace inserts are convenient and beautiful.

But, whichever fuel source you choose to run your fireplace or fireplace insert, one thing is certain; working fireplaces add atmosphere and ambiance to any home. New home buyers love the idea of a working fireplace, they certainly make your home more enticing.

If you are remodeling for your own enjoyment, a room with a fireplace adds a whole new dimension to entertaining. Click “fireplace inserts” for more information from Fireplace Showcase.