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The Revolution In Outdoor Grilling Is Here

- Monday, August 02, 2010

Outdoor grillers look no further for the perfect grill. Fireplace Showcase has what you need. Whether you like to smoke your meats or cook your food at a high heats, the Big Green Egg has the best of both worlds. It is arguably the best outdoor grill on the market in terms of flavor and versatility. Here are some facts about the Big Green Egg to convince you:

Porcelain Glazed Ceramic Construction - The Big Green Egg is made of an advanced ceramic material. It is perfect for retaining moisture and heat within the grill. This means it is the most efficient, precise and best grill on the market! Most grills with thin metal walls don't retain heat well and dry your food out.

Precise Temperature Control - Because of the temperature retention of the ceramic walls of the grill, your charcoal fuel can be kept at just the right temperature for whatever your cooking style. By varying the opening of the fire dampers you have precise control of temperature to within a few degrees!

Smoker and Grill - Like most barbecues, the Big Green Egg can be used both as a smoker and a grill. Rarely do you find one outdoor cooking utensil which is this versatile and can do both so adeptly.

Easy to Start - Because of its recessed and entirely contained shape, the Big Green Egg acts like chimney, intensifying and retaining heat perfectly. It protects your charcoal from wind and the elements while helping it ignite so that it will be ready to cook in minutes.

Safe - Because of its unique ceramic walls and the porcelain-glazed outer coat, the surface of the Big Green Egg stays relatively cool, even when it is hot inside. So this grill is safer around children and pets than metal grills which get very hot on the outside as well.

Natural Flavors, No Metal - Some people don't like metal grills because they can impart a slightly metallic taste to your food. Not the Big Green Egg, just the natural flavors of your ingredients and the wood smoke you choose to cook with.