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Wireless Remote - Room Temperature and Control Made Easy

- Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Fireplace Showcase offers a wide range of fireplace accessories that add to luxury, convenience, and economy to your life.  One of the hottest product lines on the market today is Skytech System's fireplace remote control units. Skyteck products put constant control of your fireplace in the palm of your hand. The concept of fireplace remote control is years old but only recently became affordable an affordable fireplace control option.

Indeed, you can control the temperature of any room via the central heating system’s thermostat, however, central heating does not provide the same cozy warmth of a gas fireplace. The central heating thermostat does not target any one specific room. Why heat the entire house when you only really need heat in the den?   Skytech systems empower you to apply targeted heat right where and when you need it.  
Simply replace the existing switch on your wall with this wireless system and you'll be able to conveniently control your fireplace within 20 feet of the fireplace.  The Wireless Fireplace Thermostat/Remote system works with any fireplace system whether it your brand new Vermont Castings  fireplace or they system that has served you faithfully for years.  The thermo-safety feature built in to the receiver turn the system off if ambient air temperatures exceed 130 degrees. Use the programmable timer on some models for even added convenience.  

This neat little family of products is one part practical and one part convenience.  The system can pay for itself quickly in decreased energy costs associated with your central heating system. Look at the wide variety of fireplace technologies and accessories sure to add quality to any room in the house.  Contact us today for more information on how you can get started with the Skytech Systems Remote Control system.