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Wood Stoves are Worth the Money

- Friday, December 02, 2011

The weather has been unseasonably warm, but the cold weather is right around the corner. Do not be caught off guard. Wood burning stoves are an excellent source of heat, and an excellent addition to your home.

Gas and oil prices are expected to be the highest in history this year. A wood burning stove can seriously reduce your home heating bills while adding a comforting and soothing heat to your home.

If you have a wood burning stove that was built before 1989 or so, buying a new one is worth the money.

Newer wood stoves are EPA-certified and are more efficient than those that were made prior to 1989.

EPA-certified wood stoves have to meet specific limits for particulate emissions. On average, this amounts to at least 50% less pollution, depending on how old or inefficient your particular wood stove is. A more efficient wood stove gives you more heat, and burns wood better as well, this helps pay the cost difference.

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