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Napoleon Wood Burning Stoves - The Fireplace Showcase, MA, RI

Napoleon® wood burning stoves are considered the workhorses in the industry, performing dependably year after year, giving you the energy efficiency you need to heat your home. With Napoleon’s Vortex™ advanced wood burning technology, an extraordinary clean burn is achieved. Models range from traditional styling with reliable cook top surfaces to more elegant cast iron designs that are a beautiful investment for your home.



A new contemporary wood burning stove complete with a modern cast iron door and pedestal base.

1150P Wood Gourmet™

Comfortable heat with the added benefit of a reliable cook top surface.

1100 – Pedestal

A solid, dynamic appearance with performance to match…

1400 – Pedestal

Appealing pedestal base provides a well concealed inlet for combustion…

1900 – Pedestal

The largest firebox capacity in the line creates a tremendous amount of heat…

1100PL – Leg Model

Lots of reliable heat that can easily be adjusted by the single lever burn control

1400PL – Leg Model

Same great features of the 1100PL but with more heating capacity for larger rooms.


Early American look, single door with concealed hinges… magic.


Fine, solid European cast iron design with advanced wood burning technology…


Wood burning technology that provides you with the most efficient heating experience

1450 Independence™

Secondary air tube protected with a stainless steel cover plate… The best in value.

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