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Sorry for the delay in getting this out. After everything went nuts on Friday, it got pushed to the back as we got ready and set up the virtual classroom for the kids. The stove is working great, both, in fact. Your guys were excellent as well, If anyone asks, I will send them your way!

-Tim M.


We had a fireplace insert installed a few weeks ago. We love it! It is beautiful. (and warm) The entire process starting from deciding which on we wanted to the installation went smoothly. Everyone we dealt with at Fireplace Showcase was knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Couldn't have had a better experience! Thank you!

-Deborah D.


Love our Quadra-Fire Explorer III, with it’s built in heat blower unit. It produces beautifully even heat, holds a fire overnight - up to 12 hours later it’s still warm and you can still rekindle a fire from the embers - and it is a joy to use. This is our first winter with the stove, and it has made heating our entire house much easier. We have it in our basement, and the heat permeates it and the 2 floors above as well. We run our furnace noticeably less than in previous winters - and we have many winters with which to compare... Our sincere thanks to Quadra-Fire for such a superb product and to The Fireplace Showcase for their excellent support. Rawn & Cynthia Fulton Bernardston, MA

-Rawn Fulton


Kyle, It does indeed look like the cleaning worked fine for my gase 'wood stove' and we can cancel the subsequent appointment (1/24/20) Thanks, Great experience, and won't hesitate for future needs. Craig Gordon Riverside, RI

-Craig Gordon


My husband and I bought a home with a very old fireplace. We wanted to convert to a wood pellet stove. Fireplace Showcase was wonderful, from picking out our stove to installation. My husband had a heart attack and we were having a hard time trying to find a mason to build out our hearth. When Fireplace Showcase found out they came out and did all the build out and materials, including a beautiful blue stone for a fraction of what masons wanted. We now are completely enjoying our wood pellet stove! Thank you Fireplace Showcase!!!

-Deborah Ingraham-Poole


I have a Heat & Glo gas fireplace that is approx 25 years old that would not light. I called 4 places and nobody would help me until I called The Fireplace Showcase and spoke to Kyle in the service dept. He was incredibly helpful and understanding with my situation. After asking me questions about my issues with the fireplace he scheduled a service call for me. He just went above and beyond. It was so refreshing to speak to someone who wanted to help after dealing with other companies that did not want to speak with me. The service technician came today (11/20/19) and he was just as professional and helpful as Kyle (I wish I could remember his name). Within the time frame I was given by Kyle, the service technician got my fireplace working, vacuumed it, cleaned the glass and replaced the burning embers. It is working beautifully! I am a very grateful customer and would highly recommend your company! Thank you!

-Kathy Hustler


We can’t thank you and your men for the amazing work you did to get our gas fireplace up and running again. We have NEVER had anyone come out in a snowstorm to fix anything before!!! Thank you again and we will NEVER hesitate to recommend your company to anyone we know.

Bob & Marion Shaker


I purchased a Mendota gas fireplace from another dealer 2 years ago who went out of business soon after the installation was complete and before the bugs were worked out. I contacted The Fireplace Showcase (TFS) and requested their help in making my fireplace work. Drew, the service manager, was extremely helpful and the FPS technicians had my fireplace up and running within a week at NO charge. They have since done a two year service which was done cleanly, quickly, and efficiently. Recently I had a power surge/outage while the stove was working this caused a shutdown and lockout for safety reasons. I could not get it restarted with the owner's manual I had. I called TFS on a Friday afternoon and received a reply from Kyle at 6:30 PM. Regrettably I had my phone off as I was at dinner. However, Kyle left a message informing me that he was emailing me and asked for further info on the problem. I sent Kyle an email that evening and heard back from him Saturday about 11:30. Kyle spent over two hours on the phone with me trying to resolve the problem, emailing me procedures and pictures and having me text pictures back to FPS. He finally realized that the owner's manual I had been given by the defunct retailer was the incorrect one and therefore I had given him the wrong Model # of the fireplace at the beginning. Once this was corrected he was able to give me instructions on resetting the auto off and relighting the fireplace within 15 min. Kyle had spent nearly two hours AFTER he was finished for the day on the phone with me helping me solve my fireplace problem. Needless to say, while I do not have any experience purchasing a product from FPS their service after sale is fabulous. Seriously, buy product from these folks!!!

- Bob Stringer


Yea!! Thank you Steve, Kyle, Drew, and all the problem solvers!!!!

- MJ Haronian, Providence


Hello Drew, thanks again for checking in. I was able to take the cover off the new thermostat and did find the removal tag as you indicated. Stove working well again thanks so much! Your customer service is much appreciated with this frigid cold snap.

Happy New Year to you and your Fireplace Showcase Family.

- Jon Pavao


"I bought a Morso wood stove and a Mendota gas linear fireplace. Both are excellent. The Morso burns for 12 hrs and I just add wood the next morning. Every guest we have at our house loves the Mendota gas fireplace, it is very good looking and works great. Both stoves were installed very efficiently and I've had no problems with either one. I don't think you can go wrong working with the Fireplace Showcase."

- Tom Connors


"We bought our gas fireplace here about 18 months ago after considerable comparison shopping both locally and online. We had excellent customer service from the first time we walked into the store through completing the installation. We just recently needed a light bulb replaced in the unit. We had a friendly, professional and thorough serviceperson (Dave) at our house within a couple days of our call. He took the job seriously and made sure the unit was performing well and clean once he had it open. We really appreciate having a local, dependable, family owned business we can rely on to maintain our fireplace investment over time."

- Angela Sherwin


"The advice was expert, and the service was prompt and professional. Wee had a fireplace installed in an existing complex space, so their expertise was essential. Recommend without hesitation."

- Peter Cerilli


"Love my fireplace! Great product and great service"

- Kate Blacklock


"Great business! Super deals and really nice people to work with."

- Darren Kincaid


"Unbelievable service every year on my Quad 1200i. Family loves the pellet stove heat."

- Joseph Coupal


"Very nice displays although their installation prices are crazy high"

- Keith Murphy


Dear Pat and entire staff,

I want to thank you for all your help and support in getting our fireplace back on track. Now, it only needs a push of a button and the flames appear and no soot in sight. I know it was very time consuming but I appreciate everyone taking the time and making it a focal point in our home. I wish you all a happy holiday and again thank you for all that everyone did to make our home a better place.

Barbara Milligan, Portsmouth


Dear BJ and staff,

Thank you so much for your help with the replacement doors for my fireplace. The caulking / weatherstripping was the perfect solution to the gap issue — it looks terrific!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to all of you.

Denise Dupre

"My experience with the FIREPLACE SHOWCASE was excellent! INEZ BOUTIN could not have been more helpful. I bought my fireplace to fit into an old house and she helped me find the perfect fit. I ran into a glitch here and there and the customer service she gave me going forward was amazing. Always pleasant and more than helpful. Mind you I’ve had this fireplace for over 6 years and to this dAy any questions I have or help I may need Inez is there for me. I only wish u had more rooms to add a fireplace to...hmmm den? Bedroom? So many ideas! Highly recommend Fireplace Showcase. Thank you Inez Boutin!"

- Sheila Picard

" Phil and Elijah installed the fireplace yesterday and did an excellent job. They were very professional polite, thorough, and clean. We are very pleased with the product and overall buying experience with your company. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fireplace Showcase to anyone considering buying your products.

Please extend my thanks and appreciation to everyone involved. Thank you and have a great day."

- Bob Costa

" Very knowledgeable and friendly staff and installers. Very rewarding purchase so far."

- Richard Deschenes

"The Fireplace Showcase was a great place for me to find. We had purchased a modular home in 2000. The fireplace had issues. It was not supported by the modular company, and the fireplace manufacturer would not deal with me directly. Searching frantically I found Inez from Fireplace Showcase. We had made contact about 3 years ago. This Fall I replied to a email she had sent requesting info on the same topic we were discussing then. WOW... she was able to get my parts after doing some research. WAY to GO Fireplace Showcase."

- Steve Soutiere

"I just want to thank Inez for all her help in purchasing our pellet stove. She was very knowledgeable about all the stoves and helped us pick the one that was just right for us. She got all the pipes we needed and helped us pick out the pad. She was very patient and answered my millions of questions. When I was doing my research the blogs all said to make sure you have a good dealer. Well we do... Inez Boutin at Fireplace Showcase."

- Laura Mercer

"I had shopped around numerous wood stove stores before going to Fireplace Showcases in Seekonk. By a quick comparison I knew that I was going to purchase our stove here and have them provide the installation. The installers are their own internal staff, and not sub contracted out to another install company. We met with the installers right there during our first meeting and we reviewed the options, locations and manner in that they would install the stove. They took care of the towns permit applications, and the inspectors were impressed with what they saw when they came out for the rough inspection. Dealing with Fireplace Showcase was really a breath of fresh air; while GC'ing a major renovation in our home. Dealing with sub contractors and all of their issues is difficult enough, and having one that comes through in all aspects is huge. Great sales, great install, no hidden costs and a total professional experience from top to bottom. Inez Boutin showed us all of the various styles, options, pros/cons, and sized the right stove for our room. You will not find a more reputable store when it comes to wood stoves and installs. Thanks again for everything; I will recommend you to all of my clients in need of a fireplace, pellet/wood stove."

- Kurt Lamar

"The Fireplace showcase was a great experience from the start.I bought my wood stove there on tax free weekend~ got a great deal. Inez Boutin helped me out in many ways, I called first to get an idea of what was on the floor ~ she answered all my questions with ultimate knowledge of the product.We also had them install the wood stove ,which took a trip out for an estimate & they got us on the schedule quickly, all paperwork was done in a timely fashion .I was impressed with the knowledge of the installers as well.They made sure to answer all my questions as they installed the wood stove & pipe.Over all I would recommend them for all your fireplace/wood/pellet stove needs. The showroom has many models to choose from. Head to Seekonk if you are seriously thinking about this warm addition to your home~ I'm VERY glad I did."

- Mike Vieira

"My wife and I recently purchased a gas fireplace insert from Fireplace Showcase and have to say had a great experience. This was our second purchase from them and both times Inez was extremely helpful. Whenever we had a question, she would, within a reasonable time frame , would get back to us with answers to our questions. I would highly recommend Fireplace Showcase to anyone in need of a gas,propane,pellet, or wood stove. The crew that did the install acted in a professional manner was polite, and very informative in explaining how to operate our stove. Thanks for the great service!"

- Alan & Cheryl Cinqmars

"Great customer service. Inez was very helpful. She answered all our questions (we had plenty). Always available to assist us with our fireplace project, and explained how the process worked."

- David Cardullo

"Great investment!! Keeps our family room toasty and keeps the pig boiler in the basement low keyed. About the same bill last Mo. as last year along with a 25% national grid hike! MY wife is loving it. OH yeah, the dogs too!! @85% eff. It's a no brainer. Thanks for your great service once again! "

- Lutz Donald

"Hi Randy, I just want to pass on my appreciation for the great work that Eli and Dave did yesterday with the installation our our Palazzetti Ecofire pellet stove. They were organized, skilled and tidy, and checked with me on a couple of installation preferences that in fact did matter to me. They were great representatives of the business."

- Mark McEathron, Rehoboth.

Hi, Randy. Just a note to say that we appreciated the efficiency and knowledge of Elijah and David who installed our stove insert and inspected the workshop stove and chimney. We went through our five tempering fires and are now fully functional with our new stove...and lovin' it! What a difference in the ambient temperature of the entire house! Thanks for your patience. It's a beauty, and the accoutrements of the fireplace are gone!

Best regards,

Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of the stove. We love it and thank goodness we chose this year to purchase it. I couldn't imagine heating this year with just the oil furnace. I continue to recommend Fireplace Showcase to everyone I talk to.

Thank you for everything and thanks to the installation crew.

Stay warm and hope for an early Spring!

- Nancy and Dave Viera

WE LOVE THE STOVE!!!!!! It was 70 degrees last night through out the whole house. Last winter we didn't put the thermastat higher than 63. We are warm and happy. Don't even care how cold it is outside.....

The mantle is barely even warm. We're very happy about that. We still check on it often to be sure.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. It has been a pleasure working with you on this purchase and I have to say I'm going to miss Seriously! We had a wonderful experience with Fireplace Showcase and we will never do business with anyone else.

If the need arises, feel free to give our name if someone wants a reference for service and or product.

If your ever on West Island and want to stop by, please feel free.

Happy Holidays!
Nancy & David

I love winter, but that’s only because I have my new fireplace installed.

- Reeva, Gas Shop

I just wanted to take a minute and thank your Sales and Installation personnel for their attention to detail with customer service that went above and beyond for me with my experience(s) with Fireplace Showcase. A few years back I added a family room to my home and with it installed a gas fireplace purchased at Fireplace Showcase through M&M Construction. Not knowing much about fireplaces, I chose the fireplace that was the most appealing to me. When the installation folks came to my home to install the fireplace, they were extremely knowledgeable about the product and very nicely indicated to me it was too large and inefficient for my home. They explained everything in great detail and also made a suggestion for a more appropriate fireplace based on what best suit my needs.

They then went back to your warehouse to return the previously purchased fireplace and delivered to me my new fireplace, if I remember correctly, on the same day. My experience was not only very pleasant and beyond what is required from customer service, but had no stress associated with it which we all know is not always the case with home construction ! :)

I meant to write this letter back then, but life got in the way, and decided it is never too late to thank an organization for a job well done, so my sincere thanks goes out to your Team! I must also explain the reason for my writing this letter today, 5 years after my construction project is complete. The reason for this is your extraordinary construction Sales personnel, Ken (apologize, I do not have Ken's last name). Ken 5 years ago went above and beyond in completing my order for a new fireplace, and just this week when ordering a conversion kit for my fireplace, Ken continued to provide the attention to detail that most distributors only wish their personnel could achieve, thanks Ken!

Again, thanks to everyone at The Fireplace Showcase for a job well done. I will be sure to recommend you to any friends and family that maybe in need of your services.

Thank you,
Mary Fleming