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Stoll Fireplace Heating Solutions - The Fireplace Showcase, MA

Request InformationThe beauty of a fireplace glass door versus a fireplace insert is very obvious. And the heat obtained from an insert versus a glass door can be felt immediatley. But do you have to sacrifice beauty for heat or vice versa? Not anymore... Stoll offers a number of fireplace heating solutions that combine the beauty of a glass door with a heating unit so you can have both beauty and heat from your fireplace.

Heat Champion

This "hybrid" combines the qualities of several heating products, namely the beauty of a glass door and the heat of an insert.

Grate Heater

Brand New! from Stoll, the Grate Heater captures heat from your wood-burning fireplace. The new slim profile allows you to increase the efficiency of your fireplace while keeping your existing door.

Heat Exchanger

Capture escaping heat from your gas or wood fireplace by installing a Heat Exchanger. Unique, top-mounted design allows for easy installation over an existing gas log set.

Gas Log Heater

Designed for gas log fireplaces, the Gas Log Heater will deliver usable heat from your gas log set into your living space.

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