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Blaze King Wood Stove - Ashford 30.2

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The Ashford 30.2 has a beautiful Cast Iron body which is available in painted metallic black, cast gray, and chestnut gloss enamel. As with the Sirocco 30.2 and the Chinook 30.2, the Ashford 30.2 uses a clean burning firebox at 0.8 gr/hour. At 2.9 cu.ft. the firebox is large and capable of burning for up to 30 hours on low. The Standard ash pan is mounted on engineered runners for a smooth gliding action and our craftsmen used beautiful burled walnut for our door and bypass handles.


Maximum heat input 472,183 BTU's
Efficiency 82.3%
Constant Heat output on High 38,861 BTU's per hour for 10 hours
Constant Heat output on Low 12,954 BTU's per hour for up to 30 hours
CO% Weighted Average 0.18%
Square Feet Heated 1,100 – 2,400
Maximum Log Size 18" (recommended 16")
Burn Time Up to 30 hours on low
Emissions (grams/hour) 0.8 g
Firebox Size 2.9 cu. ft.

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