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Maintenance & Care Videos

Tips on using battery backup to start your fireplace with a remote or wall switch.

Basics for on/off, flame height, fan and thermostat control with or without a remote.

Safety precautions, common fixes and when to contact a dealer or utility company.

See the best methods and products to use, and tips to access the glass.

What to do if you change your remote control and any electronics or add a fan.

Simple steps to get out of lockout mode for your insert, linear or traditional model.

Locate the rating plate, found in slightly different places depending on your model.

Synchronize a Smart-Stat or Smart-Batt remote with the receiver in your control panel.

How pros run venting and a gas line, secure the insert, fasten doors and front, and inspect it.

Understand the ignition system that runs the app, wireless wall switch or touchscreen remote.

Enjoy touch control of all functions of the fireplace including thermostat settings.

Use the wireless wall switch for simple on/off and control of Cold Climate mode.

Easily control your pilot light, flame height, blower speed, accent lighting and more.