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The Fireplace Showcase - RI & MA

We carry a wide selection of fireplace accessories from Monessen, including Cabinet Door Frames, Cabinet Doors with Screen, Arched Fronts, Manor Surrounds, Federal Doors, Rectangular Fronts, Traditonal Wall and Corner Cabinets, and many different styles of L & S Chimney Caps.

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Addtionally, we carry a full product line of pellets for pellet stoves and inserts. For pricing, delivery and installation please call 508-969-4844 or submit a contact us form.

Classic Fireplace Facings Cabinet Door Frame

Ensure that your new Monessen fireplace fits seamlessly into your d├ęcor with our wide variety of arched fronts, cabinet door frames, screened cabinet doors and filigree panels. Available in a range of colors including black, Pewter, Gold, Iron Age and Black Texture (depending on the model), as well as a range of styles, you can give your Monessen fireplace the finished touch that will make it truly your own. Many different models and sizes are available.

Designer Fireplace Facings Federal Doors

Choose from the clean, refined style of the Manor Surround inspired by colonial hearths, or the more traditional wood burning look of Federal Doors - or both! Start your new look off right with an elegant rectangular front that will form the base for your final fireplace design. With easy to grasp handles and your choice of Black Texture or Iron Age colors, the Designer Facings offer you the flexibility of a custom fireplace at a fraction of the cost. Many different models and sizes are available.

Traditional Wall Cabinet

Our wood cabinets are the perfect finish for your Monessen direct vent, vent free or electric fireplace and include decorative molding, panels and legs. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your particular decorating needs. Available in Honey Oak, Dark Cherry birch, unfinished oak or birch wood, our cabinets are ready for any wall or corner installation. Many different models and sizes are available.

Monessen "L" & "S" Series Chimney Caps

When you've picked the best fireplace in the industry, you also want to top it off with a suitable chimney cap from Monessen. Our wealth of experience and knowledge over many years has enabled us to develop a range of chimney caps that best suit your fireplace venting needs and keep out the elements and wildlife. We stand behind each and every chimney and fireplace product we sell, and back them with a 25 year warranty.