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Swing Sets & Jungle Gyms - The Fireplace Showcase, MA

We carry a wide selection of swing sets ranging from small to large from Eastern Jungle Gym. These swing sets are made from 100% cedar which is resistant to rot and insect damage. Eastern Jungle Gym swing sets use engineered Thru-Bolt Construction and a flush mount fastener system, making the beams extremely strong and making installation a breeze. To determine what size jungle gym is right for your family, it is recommended that you add six feet to the jungle gym dimensions on all sides. Finally, installing a resilient surfacing under the jungle gym is always recommended, and can be done AFTER your jungle gym is installed. For delivery and installation information please call 508- 969-4844 or submit a contact us form.

Classic Jungle Gym

Dreamscape Swing Set

Dream Swing Set Jungle Gym

Surpeme Swing Set

Sky Swing Set


Fantasy Swing Set Jungle Gym

Fantasy Tree House Swing Set

Imagination Jungle Gym

Supremescape Swing Sets

Ultimate Swing Sets

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