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Every wood and pellet stove requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

Owners should always consult their stove owner's manual to review regular cleaning procedures and the frequency required based on usage. Failure to perform regular removal of ash will reduce the efficiency of the pellet stove to deliver heat to your home or room.

If your stove goes too long without the required maintenance your stove may stop working or will not burn properly. Burning a dirty stove for extended periods of time can become a safety concern for you and your family.

We do not clean partially lined chimneys or furnace flues.

Cleaning Prices

  • Horizontal Pellet Cleaning - $200.00
  • Vertical Pellet/Insert Cleaning - $225.00
  • Wood Stove/Insert Cleaning - $175.00
  • Gas Fireplace Cleaning/Tune Up - $150 .00

NOTE: Prices vary by stove type, installation, and customer location.

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