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Wood Stoves and Inserts: Constant Heat Even Without Electricity

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 24, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - Wood Burning Stove

Winter power outages across New England are a staple of living here. Power loss during the winter is not only inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous and deadly. Electrical failure can mean no heat for days and longer. Ensuring that you have an alternative heat source to your electrical heating system is a practical must. Such alternatives include wood burning stoves and wood fireplace inserts.

Consider the multiple advantages of wood burning heat sources beyond the aforementioned safety concerns. Wood burning heat sources:

  • Lowers your heating bills
  • increases your home's value and provides you with a large return on investment
  • improves the ambiance of your living space
  • makes your fireplace more efficient
  • provides heat even without electricity

Call or stop by to discuss how wood stove options here in Seekonk or wood burning fireplace inserts can add quality of life for you and your family. Contact The Fireplace Showcase today!

Turn Your Home Into Your Dream Home With Fireplace Ambience

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 22, 2021

Warm up to our most luxurious fireplace yet. Where intricate modern styling meets innovative heating technology. Defying convention and designed for the spotlight. There’s a reason we call it the PRIMO.

The Fireplace Showcase - Heat & Glo Primo Series Gas Fireplace

The tradition of fire has gone modern. If you're the type of person that enjoys the best of everything, the PRIMO is for you. This fireplace is all about home design without compromise, packed with innovative technology that allows you to have exactly what you want, when you want it

The PRIMO gives homeowners complete design freedom. Patented SafeSurface™ Glass leaves no exposed seams, mesh or metal trim. Place a TV or artwork above the fireplace with no worries. The PRIMO even makes it possible to comfortably enjoy the ambiance of a fire year-round thanks to the exclusive PowerFlow™ Heat Management System, which provides precision heat control at the flip of a switch. Heat can be distributed two ways – via Interior Heat Zones to the room the fireplace is in or an adjacent room, or via Exterior Heat Zones to direct heat outside the home – allowing homeowners to enjoy the beauty of their fireplace in comfort, no matter the season. This complete control over the heat output and flame provides a fully customized experience unlike anything currently available.

And what do you get when you combine the crazy amazing innovation of the PRIMO and the artistic eye of sculptor Elisa Carlucci? Fire with an intricate twist. Heat & Glo collaborated with Carlucci on the PRIMO Series to create The Dunes, modern sculptural logs for a whole new view of fire.

The white logs of The Dunes transform the modern PRIMO fireplace into a gallery of sculpture, further enhancing the interaction of light and shadows. Between Carlucci’s artistic skills and Heat & Glo’s innovative technologies, the PRIMO Series gas fireplace is some serious home design inspiration.

Contact The Fireplace Showcase to learn more about Heat & Glo Primo Series Gas Fireplace.

Congratulations To Our Pellet Super Bowl Winner!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 16, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - Pellet Super Bowl Winner


What Advanced Fireplace Technology Can Do For Your Home

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Heat & Glo is proving that home appliances can mix function and fashion. Above the fireplace often ends up being the perfect viewpoint for television, but this combination has been considered a “don’t” by interior designers and installers for years. The intense heat flowing through the wall can have negative effects on electronics and artwork it comes into contact with. PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology is changing the game though, removing design limitations and freeing up the space around your hearth.

PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology

Reclaim the space above your fireplace. Heat & Glo's exclusive PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology makes it possible. Take back the ability to hang a TV or artwork above your fireplace with the flip of a switch.

PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology redirects the flow of heat, sending warmth where you want it, all while maintaining safe outer glass and a cool wall. Quickly adjust heat distribution throughout your space, inside or outside the home. The choice is yours.

Contact The Fireplace Showcase to learn more.

3 Reasons Fireplaces Will Never Go Out of Style

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 03, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - Heat & Glo Fireplace

What makes a fireplace timeless? This tool that was created out of necessity has remained an in-demand design element, even as homes are outfitted with alternative heating solutions. Ending a day or entertaining a party fireside is an experience that can’t be duplicated.

As we move towards the homes of the future, design and construction processes will be transformed. It’s already beginning, as houses become smart and intuitive, combining the best in technology with contemporary styling. Heat & Glo is partnered with NextGen Home TV and host Ty Pennington to show you what it takes to make a home energy efficient, weather and storm-resistant, healthy, smart, and much more. Within this “First to the Future Home,” you’re sure to find not just one, but two, Heat & Glo fireplaces inviting you to see the finest of home design trends to come.

You can rest assured fireplaces aren’t going anywhere. Here are three reasons why every futuristic home will have a heart.

Winter Chill

As long as winter and its brisk wind come knocking at our doors, we will have fireplaces to envelop us with heat and save our shivering selves from the flurries of snow. The fireplace is an instant escape and brings a smile to even the most frosted and frozen. It becomes your go-to background from November through March. Don’t act like you didn’t Instagram a selfie in front of a fireplace last winter.

The Sound

There’s something to the crackle, and your hearth screensaver just won’t do the trick. As advanced as our homes of the future will be, every last bit integrated with the latest and greatest in technology, the crackle of the fire is one element not to be messed with.

Customizable Options

The brick, drafty one-size-fits-all fireplaces have been left in the past where they belong. Today you can customize nearly every aspect of appearance in your fireplace. Choose from contemporary crushed glass or traditional logs for your fire bed. See-through or single-sided? A brick herringbone or sleek black interior? Fireplaces will continue to evolve with contemporary styles, giving you a focal point that catches your eye for all the right reasons.

What does it take to be the First to the Future? Contact The Fireplace Showcase to learn more.


How To Find A Fireplace That Suits Your Style and Needs

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Are you building a new home or working on a remodel project that involves installing a fireplace? Feeling overwhelmed by selecting a fireplace for your home? We met with Michelle Hollenhorst of Pink Petal Design to discuss fireplace ideas, how to find a fireplace that suits your style and needs, and what to consider when adding a fireplace to your home.

Heat & Glo Fireplace

Heat & Glo and Michelle Hollenhorst of Pink Petal Design discuss what to consider when adding a fireplace to your home. Michelle shared her expert opinion on the aspects that will make all the difference when you’re shopping for a fireplace. Watch the video to hear about them all, and read below for the key takeaways.

  1. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, a fireplace is the number one decorative amenity requested by homebuyers.
  2. It’s important to note that as a fireplace is a structural amenity, it’s much more difficult to add in later. For those building a home, be sure to include a fireplace in your initial plan – not only will it make your life easier but a fireplace will increase your home appraised value by about $3,500 according to the Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Handbook.
  3. Direct Vent fireplaces are extremely versatile, so stretch your imagination – a Heat & Glo gas fireplace can be installed almost anywhere.
  4. Always consider the size of your room. You want the fireplace to be proportionate to the rest of your space, especially the wall it’s installed on. For larger spaces, choose larger premium units, for tighter spaces – like bathrooms, look for smaller units. You wouldn’t put a mini fridge in a gourmet kitchen and a fireplace is no different, it has to fit!
  5. Consider the heat output of the fireplace. The last thing you want is a fireplace that is going to overheat your space, or on the flip side, not provide enough supplemental warmth.
  6. Think about the style of your space. If you’re going for a more traditional feel, use a unit with handcrafted logs and vintage-inspired front options. If your design theme is more contemporary, try a modern fireplace, like one of Heat & Glo’s linear units.
  7. Keep in mind the overall budget of your home. For entry-level properties, basic fireplace units are fine. If you are building a midrange or custom home though, your fireplace needs to match that intent - you’re going to want to select premium models with the best fit, feel, and finish.
  8. Builders need to follow these same principles – no homeowner goes into a showroom and wants to buy a basic firebox, so offering these types of models to potential homebuyers is a disconnect from what consumers are really looking for.
  9. Get with a local hearth installer as soon as possible, even if you or your architect is just in the design phase. There are so many possibilities for fireplace installations today, the earlier you bring in a subject matter expert, the happier you’ll be with the end result!
  10. Thank you again to Michelle Hollenhorst of Pink Petal Design for sharing her knowledge with us! We’re ready to spend our winter fireside. Do you need inspiration for your own home project? Contact The Fireplace Showcase.

How To Update and Upgrade An Existing Fireplace

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 20, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - Fireplace

There’s something nostalgic about burning wood in a fireplace. It’s a simple pleasure to be serenaded by the familiar crackling sound of wood burning while taking in woodsy aromas. But making time for it isn’t always so simple. Cutting and stacking wood, building fires, and cleaning up ash are time-consuming propositions that our busy lifestyles don’t always allow. Over time, a masonry-built fireplace can also become dated. Does this sound like your fireplace? We have the answer to upgrading your fireplace, and it doesn’t involve a lengthy or expensive remodeling project. It’s called a fireplace insert.

As the name suggests, a gas fireplace insert fits directly into your existing fireplace, greatly enhancing its performance and beauty. Operated by the flip of a switch or remote control, gas fireplace inserts burn natural gas or liquid propane, so there’s no ash to clean up.

Elevate Your Style

A 15- to 25-year old fireplace is just that – a 15- to 25- year old fireplace. A fireplace insert upgrade will give it a major facelift, and the work can be completed in a day or two.

The best way to help visualize the difference a fireplace insert makes is with “before and after” photos. In the example below, the homeowners upgraded their outdated, brass-framed super-inefficient wood fireplace with a Heat & Glo gas fireplace insert. The insert and updated stonework, which was installed directly over the brick transformed the room from circa 1975 to 2018 – just like that. What you can’t see here are the energy savings and the added convenience a gas fireplace provides. See all the styles of inserts here.

Add Function and Efficiency

Your old wood fireplace is probably less efficient than you might think. Some masonry-built, open fireplaces like the one on the left below can exhaust as much as 24,000 cubic feet of warm air to the outside, while drawing cold air in through the doors and windows of the home. A gas insert will turn that around immediately, making your fireplace up to 85% efficient and your home warmer.

Ready to take the first step towards transforming your fireplace with a gas insert? Connect with your local authorized Heat & Glo dealer today to learn more!


Five Reasons the Phoenix Will Change Your Mind About Gas Fireplaces

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Sometimes a product comes along that changes everyone’s thinking about the way things have always been. Here’s a case in point: In the past, if you wanted the ease and comfort of a gas fireplace, you had to accept that your fireplace would have to include a glass front.

Not anymore.

The conventional wisdom about gas and glass has been challenged with the introduction of the Phoenix TrueView gas fireplace powered by patent-pending WhisperTone Technology™. With the look of a traditional, open-front fireplace, the Phoenix still runs with the ease and efficiency of gas.

“Three decades ago, Heat & Glo revolutionized the industry with direct vent technology, and the Phoenix builds upon this legacy of innovation by providing what homeowners and builders have been asking for: The convenience of gas without the glass,” says Heat & Glo Brand Director Jackie Schneider.

5 More Reasons to Choose the Phoenix

There are so many ways the ways the Phoenix delivers the ultimate fireside experience. Here are four reasons to revolutionize your hearth with this game-changing fireplace:

  • Realistic looks and premium options. Choices include traditional brick or reflective black-glass liner, high-definition logs and a glowing, LED ember bed.
  • Sight AND sound. An optional Bluetooth wireless speaker system adds an auditory layer to the realism by playing the sound of a crackling fire (or even your favorite music).
  • TV time is Phoenix time. A television can be safely placed just 12 inches above the Phoenix, with no mantel required.
  • Block cold air with WhisperTone™. This patent-pending three-part venting system features an automatic damper to stop air movement when the fireplace is off, preventing cold air from sneaking in.
  • Control with a touch of a fingertip tap. All elements of the Phoenix’s operation, from flame height, lighting and sound, are controlled with our user-friendly IntelliFire touchscreen remote

Want to learn more about the groundbreaking “no glass, still gas” Phoenix? Contact The Fireplace Showcase here in Seekonk!


Gas Fireplaces: Add Affordable and Stylish Warmth and Beauty to Your Home Today

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 06, 2021
The Fireplace Showcase - Gas Fireplace

The fireplace and mantel is very often the focal point of the room and a reflection of the taste and lifestyle of the homeowner. It is one of the most appealing features of a home that not only increases the enjoyment of the home but also adds to its value and marketability. Adding (or modernizing) a fireplace is one of the most valued and profitable home investments that an owner can make.

Adding a gas fireplace is impactful, noticeable, and instantly valued whether your home improvement project is to enjoy for a lifetime or to serve the short-term need to upgrade the home for sales purposes. The fireplace adds glamour, appeal and instant value. Gas fireplaces can be installed in virtually any room. In general, however, most install them in the area that the family spends the most of their time together. Most often this is the family or living room where the asset creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. It is where treasured family pictures, souvenirs and seasonal decorations are beautifully displayed. But also consider other areas of the home where the function and ambiance of a gas fireplace excels like the bedroom, dining room, or if you’re so lucky, in the “man cave”.

For more information on gas fireplace value, function, and comfort, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Say Bye-Bye To Brass with A Fireplace Makeover

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Do you have an ugly, dated, wood-burning fireplace you’d like to bring back to life? Brass doors from the 80s. Dirty soot and ashes. Messy firewood. If so, it’s time for a fireplace remodel. We’ll then, The Fireplace Showcase here in Seekonk is ready to go to work for you!

Your updated fireplace will look as inviting as it feels

In an era of overwhelming busyness and disconnection, you seek to create a sanctuary – a worry-free oasis where your family can live in comfort, creating memorable moments throughout the years. But an old wood-burning fireplace is:

  • Dated - hopelessly out of touch with the rest of your style
  • Uninviting - such an eyesore, it doesn’t draw your loved ones in
  • Unused - you haven’t built a fire in 8 to 10 years because it’s too much work

What are your options? Tear out a wall and do something totally new ($$$). Place candles or logs in there, with a rolled-up blanket to stop the cold draft.

Or … transform your old brick or manufactured fireplace into an attractive and comfortable space with a gas fireplace insert.

What is a gas fireplace insert?

A “gas insert” fits inside your wood-burning fireplace opening, fed by a copper gas line, that brings instant warmth into your home! All with no work and just the touch of a button.

A gas insert instantly brings back the ambiance by updating the spaces you love and bringing a sense of calm to your overall day without the hassle.

Believe it or not, a fireplace makeover is an amazingly easy process.

You can even include a new stone or brick facing as part of your fireplace remodel with a gas fireplace insert.

How easy is it to install a gas insert?

All it takes is 3 simple steps to restore that sense of nostalgia and togetherness of your fireplace.

  1. Bring in a photo of your fireplace to one of our Hearth Experts to find out what will work best for you
  2. Have your gas insert installed safely by our professional teams
  3. Sit back and enjoy having a beautiful and efficient fireplace

Get started today and find out how easy it is to say bye-bye to brass. Start making memories with a fireplace you dreamed of when you bought or built your home. You’ll fall in love with your fireplace again.