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Mendota Insert Sale

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Fireplace Showcase - Mendota Insert Sale

Why Upgrade To A New Gas Fireplace Inserts

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 13, 2019
The Fireplace Showcase - Gas Fireplace Insert, Seekonk, MA

Did you know that you can transform your existing wood burning fireplace into an efficient room heating system by adding an insert? Adding an insert is a smart investment that is pure win-win. It will simultaneously keep you warm and slash your heating bills.

An insert installed by a factory-trained professional (to ensure proper venting and best efficiency results) will draft-proof an open fireplace while the unit's shell keeps heat in the room and away from the masonry. This investment pays for itself by slashing those monthly heating bills. Here are the reasons why you should upgrade to a new Gas Fireplace Insert:

1 - Save Money & Increase Efficiency. Purchasing a fireplace insert is not only a long term investment in your home, but it can also result in short-term energy savings as well. A win-win! Fireplace inserts are zone heaters, meaning that they heat specific areas of your home. These areas are typically where people are spending the majority of their time – living rooms, bedrooms, and other common areas. Zone heating allows you to turn down the furnace, which heats your entire home, and focus the heat into the areas of the home where you are spending the majority of your time. The fireplaces produce radiant heat warming up everything in the path of the fire to aid in raising the ambient temperature and can be combined with a blower to more effectively heat more of your home.

In addition, open fireplaces are responsible for a significant amount of heat loss. Even with the damper closed, warm air can escape your home and cold air can enter. This means you need to continually heat more cold air just to maintain the temperature. A fireplace insert will seal your home and significantly reduce the amount of heat lost. The fireplace inserts helps preserve the temperature in the room when not in use and it generate warmth and comfort while in use, translating to cost savings without sending you scrambling for a sweater.

2 – Experience New Levels of Convenience. One of the best things about owning a gas fireplace insert is the convenience it gives you. You can turn your fire on with the flick of a switch or the press of a button. No more buying, storing, chopping, and hauling wood logs around! The gas fireplace inserts in Seekonk, MA can be set to maintain a certain temperature in a room during a specific period of time, or can be programmed to be turned on/off at a specific time. This gives you the ability to walk into a warm home right after work without needing to have the fireplace or furnace running all day.

Most importantly your remote acts as a portable thermostat. If you have set the fire to a specific temperature it will maintain the temperature based on where you and the remote are sitting. If you move across the room, the fireplace will adjust to ensure the ambient temperature of wherever you are located matches the preset. No more getting up to adjust the thermostat if you are too cold or too hot. Simply set it and forget it!

3 – Go Green: Help Reduce Emissions. Many municipalities are banning older wood fires or traditional masonry chimneys due to their negative environmental impact, and are favoring cleaner models with fewer emissions. Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. A clean burn means there is little to no particulates and very limited emissions. This is why many local governments support changing from older wood burning fireplaces to a gas insert. Help to protect our environment by installing an environmentally friendly gas fireplace insert.

4 – Fireplaces that Work, Even When the Power Does Not. If you lose power your gas insert will continue to turn on and produce radiant heat. If a winter storm knocks out power there is no need to worry, you still be nice and warm, even if you are in the dark. All gas fireplaces work safely without electricity. A gas fireplace insert will be able to provide radiant heat keeping you and your home warm, no matter the weather conditions.

5 – Transform the Room. Adding a fireplace insert to your home can dramatically transform the visual look of a room without needing to do a major renovation. The fireplace is the focal point of most rooms. By adding a gas fireplace insert you can experience the warmth and comfort of a fire on a regular basis with the convenience of gas. Designed to fit within your existing masonry, a gas fireplace insert can update your room design without needing to complete full scale renovations.

The high-quality fireplace inserts come in a multitude of customizable design options, from traditional to contemporary, and we offer a wide range of fireplace accessories to help your new fireplace insert blend well with your existing decor. This allows you to get the perfect fireplace insert that creates a lifetime of memories and add new levels of warmth and comfort that best suits your home and your style.

To learn more about Gas Fireplace Inserts, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Pellet Stove Advantages

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 06, 2019
The Fireplace Showcase, Pellet Stove in Seekonk, MA

Homeowners today increasingly turn to pellet stoves to heat their living space for good reason. Pellet stoves burn cleanly, produce massive heat, and require little maintenance. People who own pellet stoves absolutely love them.

Pellet stoves offered by The Fireplace Showcase in Seekonk, MA are beautiful in both form and function. These are great for homeowners who are conscious of living in an eco-friendly manner. They will reduce your carbon footprint because they burn renewable fuel. A pellet stove is a heating appliance that is similar to a woodstove, but instead of burning firewood, it burns compressed hardwood pellets. The pellets are made from compressed sawdust and waste wood that would be dumped into landfills or left to rot in the forest. To ensure the stove burns clean and hot, it is important to buy high-quality hardwood pellets from a manufacturer.

A pellet stove has a combustion blower that pulls outside air into the stove through a fresh-air vent and then blows out smoke and fumes through a stainless-steel exhaust vent. There is also a convection blower that draws room air into the stove and blows heated air into the room through a series of heat-exchange tubes. The stove will automatically deliver heat, based on the thermostat setting. All you need to do is keep the hopper filled with pellets. Pellet stoves burn so hot and clean that there is very little ash left behind.

Just to keep in mind though, the stove must be set onto a fire-resistant surface, such as tile or stone. So if the room has hardwood, vinyl, carpeting, or any other combustible flooring, the stove has to be set onto an approved hearth pad. Likewise, the exact type of venting required depends on the stove's proximity to windows and doors. It is also advisable to install a ceiling fan in the room with the pellet stove. Then run the fan in reverse to blow heat trapped at the ceiling down into the room.

They can help you reduce your carbon chips, bark, materials and other derived from plants. Normally, these materials would be placed in landfills, but turning them into pellet fuel has become a great way to re-purpose them into green energy. They are also low-carbon, so by burning them you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when you choose a pellet stove installation over other heating options.

Pellet stoves are very dense and efficient, so they release much less air outdoors than do alternative heating options like a wood stove. They also produce very little ash and do not generate chimney creosote which allows you to worry less about doing any major cleaning. Some models even come with automatic cleaning cycles that will make maintenance even easier. Pellet stoves often come with extra-large ash pans so you don’t have to worry about emptying them very often.

Not only are pellet stoves extremely environmentally friendly, but they can also save you money. Investing in a pellet stove installation is a smart financial decision when you compare it to the cost of heating your home with fuel oil or propane. While you will have to purchase bags of pellet fuel, you will not go through them very quickly. You will probably only have to load pellets once every day or two.

Another great advantage to a pellet stove installation is that you can choose one that fits in with your decor. They tend to come in many different styles so you can choose what color, finish, and trim works best in your home.

To top it all, the biggest advantage of pellet stoves is their safety as they pose virtually no fire hazard. It is safe enough to leave a pellet stove burning while you are out and it will continue to burn unattended as long as there are pellets to burn.

To learn more about pellet stoves, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Traditional Wood Fireplace People Turning Now To Gas Fireplaces

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 30, 2019

Simply by flipping the switch of a gas fireplace, you will have an instant heat. This convenience has persuaded users of traditional fireplaces to make the switch to gas. Gas fireplace eliminates the additional messy task you need to do to create fire in a wood burning fireplace. You no longer need to purchase and store wood which generates both labor and termite risk. It also produce clean burn and efficient energy. Gas simply present a cleaner option in many ways.

Gas fireplaces in Seekonk, MA are available in both direct vent and vent free. A direct vent fireplace utilizes zero-clearance technology which means they don't require chimneys or foundations. It lets all of the moisture and combustion gases to exit your home without all the accumulation in the chimneys. It vents through a wall or roof, offering greater flexibility than if a chimney was employed. They are more convenient to install and provide you more placement options.

You may install a gas fireplace anywhere there is a gas line available. You may have the option to place it the traditional way which is along the wall or place it in the middle of the room for a sleek modern look. On top of that, it only requires minimal maintenance. An annual inspection will suffice to maintain its optimal working condition.

When you are interested in switching to a gas fireplace, contact The Fireplace Showcase. We will help you find the perfect gas fireplace unit for your taste and budget.

Why Turn To Gas Fireplace Inserts?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 21, 2019
The Fireplace Showcase - Gas Fireplace Insert, Seekonk, MA

Summer is wrapping up and soon we’ll begin to feel the cooling winds of fall. To many of us, this is a welcome sign of change. It is also a good time to begin your search for efficient heating solutions. When functionality, aesthetics, efficiency, and convenience are all equally important to you, you’ll love new gas fireplace inserts from The Fireplace Showcase.

Gas fireplace inserts are prefabricated products that fit into a standard fireplace. This is a preferred supplemental heating component for most homeowners who want to retrofit their old hearth vice investing heavily into a new one. Since they come in wide array of shapes and sizes, homeowners can find the best unit that will complement the existing style and decoration of their home. Aside from that, it's a perfect device for zone heating for smaller rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Gas fireplace inserts produce clean burns. Modern gas appliances are invented to meet and exceed EPA standards which means they produce an environmentally-friendly burn. Aside from that, you will never going to deal with messy ash, wood chips, soot and partially burned logs again which is an everyday labor with wood fireplaces. They are also easy to operate. You simply flip a switch or govern via remote control. You can easily adjust the thermostat with its calibration settings. Many people are now turning to gas fireplace insert because it offers quick heat whenever they need it and quick extinguishing when they are done using it.

In terms of efficiency, gas inserts carries an efficiency rating up to 90 percent. This means your family can enjoy adequate and even heat into your home without worrying about your monthly energy bill. To learn more about gas fireplace insert, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

Enjoy Tax Free Weekend With Us and Heat & Glo!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 16, 2019

The Fireplace Showcase - Tax Free Weekend

Enjoy Tax Free Weekend With Us and Vermont Castings!

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Fireplace Showcase - Tax Free Weekend

Use The Tax Free Weekend To Upgrade Your Hearth and Save Energy Costs

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 14, 2019
The Fireplace Showcase - Tax Free Weekend, Seekonk, MA

Tax-free weekend is drawing near. If you are thinking of a worthy purchase that offer to pay for themselves over time, consider a new hearth insert. If like most you are a big fan of Quadra-Fire, Heat & Glo or Vermont Castings products, we are happy to inform that they are included in our tax-free weekend sale. You get to enjoy a sales tax exemption on purchases up to $2,500.

This is the best time to upgrade the look of your den while increasing the heating efficiency of your hearth. With fall just around the corner, it will be a warm feeling knowing that your home is ready for the colder months and that you’ll be spending less to heat it. So take advantage of the sales tax holiday. Replace your old and inefficient heating device with a more efficient and attractive solution. Contact The Fireplace Showcase to learn more about our products included in the tax-free holiday sale.

Enjoy Tax-Free Weekend With Us and Quadra-Fire!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Fireplace Showcase - Tax Free Weekend

Quadra-Fire Inserts Turn Old Hearth Into Elegant and Efficient Heat Source

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 07, 2019
The Fireplace Showcase in Seekonk, MA

Labor Day is just around the corner. Come Labor Day, we all know and dread what is just around the corner….Old Man Winter. Get in front of the cold by upgrading your hearth with the Quadra-Fire wood fireplace insert. Quadra-Fire Wood Inserts deliver both form and function. These fireplace inserts will not only provide you cozy heat to your living space but it will transform the look of your old fireplace area. Quadra-Fire fireplace inserts are easily retrofitted into your wood-burning fireplace in three steps, giving you a simple solution to produce more heat at lower cost. In easy three steps, your outdated hearth will instantly turn into an elegant and efficient heat source.

Quadra-Fire Fireplace Inserts in Seekonk, MA come in wide variety of models and styles and it will complement with every home style and furnishings. You have several choices that will meet your taste and style. In terms of efficiency, Quadra-Fire products offer unrivaled energy efficiency.

To find out more about Quadra-Fire Wood Inserts, contact The Fireplace Showcase.