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Tenore 140 See-Through - European Home Gas Fireplace, Seekonk, MA

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The Tenore 140 (previously known as the Lucius 140 T) is a striking see through, direct vent gas fireplace. This built-in fireplace allows for your installation to have a thoroughly modern and completely trimless finish.

So what sets this fireplace apart? The Tenore 140 Tunnel features designer trim, improved tube-style burners, and the E-Save Control System which can save up to 45% on fuel consumption, making for a stylish and efficient fireplace. Moreover, all Element4 fireplaces can be fitted for propane.


Gas Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Burner: Double Burner or Quad Burner
Heat Output (Natural Gas): Double Burner 13,650 - 38,200 BTU/hr
Quad Burner 15,000 - 71,000 BYU/hr
Heat Output (Liquid Propane): Double Burner 11,950 - 34,100 BTU/hr
Quad Burner 13,000 - 64,000 BTU/hr
Viewable Opening: 54 9/16” W x 16 5/8” H
Weight: 335 lbs.
Venting: Requires 5” x 8” Direct Vent
Flame Adjustment: Yes
Interior: Black Anthracite (Standard)
Remote Control: Yes
Electric Ignition: Yes
Certification: ANSI Z21.11.50a-2008, CSA 2.22a-2008,
CSA P.4 - Vented Gas Fireplaces
Mass Approval Code: G3-0219-3
Efficiency: 90%

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