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Angled Base™Series Swingsets - Perfect for the Entire Family

23 July 2020      

The Fireplace Showcase

We want our kids to stay active year-round. Today there is no school so there is an abundance of time for both us and our children to figure out how to use that time for effective development. We don't want them to spend inordinate time on the couch with their electronic gadgets. Providing them with high-quality outdoor play equipment will minimize gadget time and maximize outdoor development time. The Eastern Jungle Gym offers you and your family a path to effective outdoor time with your children.

This swing set series is constructed of heavy-duty cedar with multiple configuration options. Options include (but are not limited to) trampolines, trapeze bars, rock climbing wall, and slides. The Angled Base™Series swing set offers fun for the entire family. They offer a unique A-frame design support system which offers countless advantages that we’d love to show you personally. For instance, here’s just one advantage.

With the wide stance of Angled-Base Series, a tire swing is a perfect accessory to go beneath the play deck -- adding more fun without taking up any additional property! These wooden swing sets are extremely popular among families looking for a tire swing -- an activity that can accommodate three kids. Eastern Jungle Gym Angled Base™Series is available in 5’, 51/2’ and 6’ deck heights with 8’, 81/2’, and 9’ swing beam heights.

So, if you are looking for playing equipment that the whole family can enjoy, the Eastern Jungle Gym swing set is a perfect candidate. To learn more about other Eastern Jungle Gym swing set models, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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