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Another Reason to Buy a Stove or Insert - $300 Biomass Stove Tax Credit - Seekonk

5 September 2013      

There is more than one reason why now is the perfect time to consider your home heating for this winter. If you have been paying too much to heat your home during the winter months, wood and pellets burning stoves and inserts make your home heating much more efficient. Biomass stoves and inserts are those that burn either wood or pellets and this is a cheaper, warmer way to heat.
Rather than replace an entire heating system, which can be costly, you can heat the rooms in your home that tend to stay “drafty” and cold all winter long by adding a wood burning stove or fireplace insert.
Wood burning stoves, pellet stoves or fireplace inserts are an easy, beautiful, inexpensive way to heat those cold rooms in your home. Pellet stoves are even easier because they can be installed on any exterior wall and vented to the outside. Biomass stoves and inserts perform dependably year after year, giving you the energy efficiency you need to heat your home.

Wood and pellets stoves and stove inserts burn cleaner than fossil fuels and of course, are not subject to fluctuating fuel prices all season long. Models range from traditional styling to more elegant styles to modern lines and lots of glass for easy viewing. Wood and pellet stoves and inserts are a beautiful investment for your home.

Additionally the federal tax credit on all biomass stoves or inserts that are 75% or more efficient has been reinstated. This is a tax credit for qualifying biomass burning stoves and inserts. This is a 10% tax credit of up to $300 on a qualifying biomass stove or insert purchased before December 31, 2013.

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