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Better Heating Efficiency with Regular Pellet Stove Services

30 October 2018      

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It is imperative to be sure your heating equipment is in top shape before winter finally sets in. This ensures that your heating system will be dependable and will keep your home comfortable as the temperatures drops. If you are using a pellet stove to heat your living space, pellet stove services in Seekonk, MA should be included in your preparations for getting your home ready for winter.

Pellet stove services can improve the heating efficiency of your pellet stove or insert. Skipping this important service can reduce the efficiency of the stove or cause a breakdown mid-winter. When a pellet stove runs continuously for months without getting the regular maintenance before the season starts, it might not function or burn properly. Pellet stoves are some of the easiest heating equipment to use and operate, however there are a lot of moving parts. These parts need to be regularly serviced and cleaned.

Pellet stove services include removing accumulated ashes, dust, and dirt from the firebox, cleaning the glass door, the liners, exhaust venting, blower, auger, and hopper as well to ensuring nothing is hampering the efficiency of the stove itself. Electrical wires, vacuum sensors, and switches are also inspected to ensure they are working properly. Door and exhaust seals are also checked so that heat does not get wasted. Other complex parts such as combustion and convection blowers are also thoroughly cleaned and lubricated.

All of these services are performed during a maintenance check which also extends the life of your pellet stove. Contact The Fireplace Showcase to find out more about the benefits of regular pellet stove service.

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