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Bushman Axe: The Fireplace and Stove Owners' Best Friend - Seekonk, MA

15 August 2014      

Autumn is the season when the weather starts getting cold and when the arrival of night comes noticeably earlier. As summer shifts to winter, autumn is a perfect time to prepare for heating your home. Late summer and early fall is the time to start splitting and stacking wood for the coming cold season. In times like this, it is always a good to choose the hand forged Wetterlings axes.

Wetterlings has been producing the best hand forged axes since 1880. They teamed up with Les Stroud to create a versatile wilderness axe. Since then, the Bushman Axe by Les Stroudhas been a common choice among the Wetterling axes because it is multi-functional. It is intended to be used in many different situations, not just for chopping firewood.

The Bushman Axe is perfect for carving, chopping, hammering, and splitting wood. Despite its multi-functionality, the axe is well produces so that it is light enough to be carried for long distances.

Wetterlings axes in Seekonk, MA are proven to hold up very well. They bite very deeply into wood. Their edges remain sharp for a long time and they are fairly easy to sharpen. Thanks to Wetterlings axes, chopping and splitting wood for fireplaces and stoves will never be the same.

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