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Chimney Cleaning at Season End For A Safe and Efficient Hearth

11 March 2020      

The Fireplace Showcase - Chimney Cleaning at Season End For A Safe and Efficient Hearth, Seekonk, MA

Spring will be here soon and most of us actually welcome the thought of kicking into spring cleaning. We’re already putting that checklist of things to do for your house and property improvement projects. Making your living space dust and clutter-free promotes overall healthy well-being. One important spot in your home that requires thorough cleaning at least once a year is your fireplace and chimney. It’s a dirty job best left to the professionals, and we’re here today to inform that we’ve provided our friends and neighbor here in Seekonk with affordable chimney cleaning services for decades now.

Creosote deposits have built up on you flue over the winter. When days become more warmer, it will produce a sour odor especially when moisture enters the chimney. It can be tough to eliminate even though you have the proper cleaning tools. Having said that, a professional chimney sweep can do the job right. We can properly take off deposits and debris that accumulate in the liner which along expel the offensive smell. Ultimately, moisture that penetrates the exterior masonry can crack the bricks. Good thing, our chimney cleaning service includes damage inspection of the liner. This will help detect the cracks and mend it earlier to keep the repair cost at minimum.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) highly advised homeowners to keep their fireplace and chimney clean and inspected for safety concerns. So schedule a chimney cleaning service before the peak season, contact The Fireplace Showcase. We can help you ensure the safety and efficiency of your hearth.

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