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Choose a Gas Fireplace to Cut the Cold During Spring Nights - Cape Cod, Providence

12 May 2014      

Winter may be gone, but homes on the Cape or near the water in RI can often benefit from a fire at night during the spring and early summer. Wood is good to warm your home, but if you only want a nighttime fire to chase away the chill, wouldn't it be better to have a fire in the hearth with just a push of a button? Gas fireplaces give you a lot more convenience, comfort and, of course, control.

Bring your fire to life with just one click – no more feeding the fire with wood! With the traditional or  contemporary gas fireplace designs, a no-fuss efficiency and hands-off appeal is guaranteed.  It is very easy and convenient to use a gas fireplace. You can simply light the fire, set the warmth, set, and turn it off at the touch of a button. By using one, you can adjust the amount of heat you want and heat a room in a hurry.

Gas fireplaces still offer the look of wood fireplaces and traditional fires. But gone are the days of splitting, stacking or hauling logs to generate the heat you need at home. Using gas-fueled fireplaces leaves no ashes or smoke, and it’s easy! The fire looks  like a real wood, and gives of heat like a wood fire will; only without the fumes and mess. They can be installed very easily in almost any room in your home.

Gas fireplaces come in different designs and styles. Many of them have options for customizing them even further, to match any style décor.

Check out the traditional and contemporary gas fireplace designs and other specials in-store, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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