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Eastern Jungle Gym Sets Develop Motor Skills

15 April 2020      

The Fireplace Showcase - Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Set, Seekonk, MA

Empowering and expanding your children’s outdoor play avenues play a significant role in their motor skill development. While outside and actively at play, our children exercise the imagination, motivates creativity, empowers clear thinking, and promotes a sense of confidence.

Providing your children with outdoor entertainment systems does so much more than tire them out so you can get them to sleep easier. A backyard swing set is a perfect training ground where children can develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. The Eastern Jungle Gym Set, for example, provides a variety of avenues to do just that. As an example, let’s take a moment to review the Eastern Jungle Gym Set's Dreamscape model’s features:

  • gym ring/trapeze bar
  • sling swings
  • grab handles
  • steering wheel
  • telescope
  • jacobs ladder
  • 8" High 3 position swing beam
  • straight base clubhouse
  • striped tent top
  • rock climbing wall
  • access ladder with steel rungs
  • 10' wave slide

To learn more about Easter Jungle Gym Sets and other back yard child development and recreational tools, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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