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Electric Fireplaces are Soaring in Popularity and for Good Reasons

28 October 2020      

The Anya

Let’s get right to it. Electric fireplaces are designed to increase fireplace’s efficiency. They offer several characteristics that make them a solid alternative to traditional wood and gas fireplaces.

First, consider cost. The cost of operating an electric fireplace can be much less than all other options. Depending on your use habits, the energy savings can be stark. Electric fireplaces deliver heating effect immediately and only for the exact prescribed period required.

Second, consider safety. Natural wood burning solutions introduce fire risks that really do not require explanation here as we all know that embers and tar buildup within chimneys can and do cause catastrophic fire damage. Electric fireplaces of course do not pose such risk.

Third, consider style and customization. Our electric fireplace products offer a host of functional options and stylistic effects. Spend some time with us and explore your electric fireplace options. You’ll be amazed at what awaits you. Contact The Fireplace Showcase to make it happen.

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