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Fireplace Inserts Deliver New Efficiencies for Ageing Masonry Fireplaces

16 September 2020      

The Fireplace Showcase - Seekonk, MA

Did you know that your aging masonry fireplace, on average, converts roughly 15% of wood energy into useful heat? When you upgrade your fireplace with fireplace inserts you maximize the functional utility of your fireplace while reducing your energy costs. Add in the ability to customize your gas fireplace insert with a wide variety of log options fronts, interior and exterior panels and you get a major facelift to your home as well.

As it pertains to safety, the gas fireplace inserts that we install across Seekonk dramatically improve the safety of older and new homes alike. Burning wood within a home introduces risks that most understand and increasingly seek to avoid.

What about maintenance of the gas fireplace as compared to the wood burning fireplace? Ash waste management is a never-ending dirty burden and something that you will never miss. The gas fireplace is essentially a maintenance free asset.

So, contact The Fireplace Showcase and we’ll share with you the specifics of how gas fireplace inserts will improve heating efficiency, improve the look of your home, simplify your life, and save you money.

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