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Gas Fireplace Inserts – An Affordable Fireplace Makeover

29 November 2019      

After the kitchen, the living space in front of the fireplace is the center of the home’s attention. Homeowners across the Seekonk area are tiring of the expense and maintenance associated with their natural wood fireplaces. They are also increasingly frustrated about how much of the heat energy is extracted straight up and out the chimney. People in record numbers are now turning to fireplace Inserts as a more efficient, convenient, and aesthetically rewarding home heating solution.

You will be surprised how affordable and simple the process of converting natural wood fireplaces to natural gas fireplaces really is. The Fireplace Showcase carries a wide selection of gas fireplace inserts that have customizable options including heat output control and flame size. We offer a wide variety of different styles of logs, fronts, surrounds, interior liners and backer panels. These options will allow you to create the perfect look for your home while getting the heat output that you deserve.

For pricing, delivery, more models and installation, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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