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Gas Fireplace Inserts Give Older Fireplaces A Modern Fresh Look

12 September 2018      

The Fireplace Showcase Pellet stove inserts in Boston, MA

The temperature is slowly dropping. This is the right time to prepare your home for winter. If your fireplace is outdated looking and inefficient to use, now is the time to consider options for updating and making it more attractive. A gas fireplace insert in Providence, RI can keep your home warm and cozy as the temperatures drop.

The firebox of the gas fireplace insert is fitted directly into your fireplace. By doing this, you can transform your old, open fireplace into the focal point in any room. With the decorative trim and large glass viewing window, an older hearth is turned into a modern looking heat source. Unlike, traditional open masonry fireplaces that allow heated air to go up and out the chimney, gas fireplaces are 75-80% energy efficient. The cast iron or steel sealed firebox prohibits heat to escape up the chimney. Additionally, gas fireplace inserts are cleaner to use, with no mess and no ash. Plus, with the flick of a switch, you have instant relaxation and ambiance.

Right now is the time to view gas fireplace inserts during the Heat & Glo sale. Purchase your insert now and save up to $500 on qualifying inserts. Contact The Fireplace Showcase to learn more.

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