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Harman Absolute63 Pellet Stove: One of the Best Pellet Stoves of 2024

13 February 2024      

The Fireplace Showcase - Harman Absolute63 Pellet Stove

The Harman Absolute63 is one of the experts picked for Best Pellet Stoves of 2024 according to U.S. News.

From its simple direct vent installation to a powerful heat output capable of warming up to 3,400 square feet, the Harman Absolute63 Pellet Stove has just about everything you’d expect from the best pellet stove. It has a 72-pound hopper and a maximum feed rate of eight pounds per hour, so you can spend more time being cozy on your couch and less time refueling the stove. Feed rate, sometimes called a burn rate, refers to how many pounds of pellets the stove uses per hour, and it can vary depending on your stove’s heat levels.

Speaking of heat levels, the stove’s wireless sensors ensure you’re using the right amount of fuel to stay warm without using excess energy. The easy-to-use touchscreen allows for customized heating schedules and lets you know if maintenance is needed. You’ll also feel the heat without hearing it, thanks to a whisper-quiet blower.

High-quality pellet stoves like the Harman Absolute63 Pellet Stove may give you sticker shock at first. That said, this heating unit qualifies for a 30% annual tax credit due to its 78% heating efficiency rating – meaning it converts more than three-quarters of energy created into usable heat and a low particulate emission rate of 1.4 grams per hour. It’s also one of the few pellet stoves covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Harman Absolute63 Pellet Stove is available at The Fireplace Showcase.

Source: US News

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