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Higher than Normal Heating Bills Expected, Fireplace Inserts Are a Better Way to Heat - Seekonk, MA

10 October 2013      

Cold weather is on the way and this week the government forecast that most households will pay more for heat this winter. Many may pay near-record prices to keep warm. The primary reason that more than 90% of homes will incur higher heating expenses is because prices will be higher.

Homes using natural gas for heat will pay about 13% higher than a year ago, at about an average $11 per thousand cubic feet. Homes relying on electricity for heat will likely pay about 2% more for heat compared with last year. The government also cautions that if temperatures are about 10% below expectations, heating oil costs could rise around 9% from a year ago.

For better more efficient heat, many don’t want to replace their heating systems, but they don’t have to. Fireplace inserts make heating your home more attractive, more efficient and cost effective.  When used in open hearth fireplaces, fireplace inserts stop the warm air from leaving your home through the chimney. In fact, when fires are burned in open hearths, the warm air going up the chimney creates a vacuum or draft, which pulls the warm air from within your home up the chimney.

Pellet or wood burning  fireplace inserts produce more efficient heat. Actually, they burn fuel very efficiently and can be rated to heat entire homes or to heat rooms that have a hard time warming up. Fireplace inserts force heat back into your home and pellet and gas fireplace inserts can be set on a thermostat.

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