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Importance of Annual Professional Pellet Stove and Chimney Cleaning

29 July 2020      

The Fireplace Showcase - Chimney Cleaning at Season End For A Safe and Efficient Hearth, Seekonk, MA

Every wood and pellet stove must be regularly cleaned to ensure optimal heating as well as the safe operation of the unit and to maximize the life of the stove. While the cleaning frequency depends on how much you use your wood pellet stove (how many bags of pellets per day/week/month), basic user maintenance should be accomplished weekly. A more thorough professional cleanout should be done after every ton of pellets burned.

On the other hand, annual professional chimney cleaning must be accomplished before the heating season begins. This makes summer the perfect time to accomplish the task as most people don’t think about doing this until the leaves start changing colors, or worse, the first Seekonk snow appears. That’s when you find the professional chimney cleaning services swamped and quite possibly forcing you to fire things up before it is adequately safe to do so. That is an avoidable risk.

We’ll follow in a future blog post the specifics of our chimney cleaning service. In the interest of keeping this post reasonably short, we’ll focus on the specifics of our annual pellet stove cleaning service:

Annual Professional Pellet Stove Cleaning involves:

  • Removal of pellets, the vacuum of debris, an inspection of hopper, auger plate, pressure and/or latch switches
  • Chimney sweep - clean/vacuum ash from liner and exhaust venting
  • Combustion and Convection Blowers: Clean, lubricate as needed
  • Auger motor: clean and lubricate as needed
  • Visual inspection of all electrical wiring, heat switches, and vacuum sensors
  • Cleaning of the entire firebox including burn pot, ignition assembly, exhaust ports, and heat exchangers
  • Inspection of the door seal and exhaust seals
  • Cleaning of stove glass door
  • Test electrical sensors and igniter for continuity and working order
  • Start-up of the stove to make sure all components are working properly

If your wood or pellet stove is now due for professional cleaning, contact The Fireplace Showcase. Get the most out of stove!

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