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Merrimack Fireplace Inserts by Vermont Castings Ensures Constant Heat and Burn Levels are Achieved - Providence, RI

25 November 2015      


The efficiency of wood fireplace inserts for heat is remarkable. As a result, many homeowners are installing inserts in their existing fireplaces so that they can enjoy more warmth and safer heat without using as much firewood. One of the most common choices of wood burning fireplace inserts are those made by Vermont Castings.

The Merrimack fireplace insert is a popular choice in Vermont Castings wood inserts in Providence, RI for homeowners. It combines everything you love about burning wood with contemporary environmental concerns. In fact, the Merrimack by Vermont Castings is an EPA-certified insert and is one of the cleanest wood-burning inserts available on the market today.

The Merrimack fireplace insert by Vermont Castings offers an amazing array of features and benefits. This wood-burning insert comes with an automatic air setback system which provides extra air over the top of the fire which makes lighting the fire easier and faster. This system is combined with a high volume, heat-activated fan of variable speeds to ensure that constant heat and burn levels are achieved. This means these fireplace inserts require less monitoring for better relaxation and enjoyment.

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