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NAPOLEON GRILL: An Excellent Grill From A High-Quality Components

15 July 2020      

Fireplace Showcase - Napoleon Gril

In today’s blog post, let’s discuss some of the endearing features that make Napoleon grills a true American favorite.

Napoleon uses multiple metals as grill manufacturing best practices have evolved. Lower quality grill manufactures continue to use virtually all stainless steel within their constructs. Stainless steel will always be a vital component to quality grill manufacturing, but other metals prove much more effective within certain aspects of grill operations. Napoleon incorporates cast aluminum and porcelain enameled steel components in addition to stainless steel. .

The high-quality stainless-steel burners produce a high, even temperature and are essential to Napoleon’s success. But where food directly contacts the grilling surface, Napoleon incorporates porcelain coated cooking grates which deliver optimum direct-contact heat transfer.

Napoleon is also celebrated for their ignition system effectiveness and reliability. Other celebrated features include infrared rear burners, an infrared sizzle-zone burner, and a built-in ice bucket complete with cutting board. Another feature of Napoleon is its doubled lined smooth lift cover, which opens easily and helps hold in heat for oven-like cooking. It is amazingly comfortable to use and allows easy placement in assorted spaces.

The Napoleon line of grills are something to see and even better to use.  For more tips on Napoleon’s products, contact Fireplace Showcase.

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