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Non-Stick Grilling Tips While Cooking with Napoleon Charcoal Grill

11 July 2018      

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Grilling should be a pleasurable experience. Yet, many people experience their food sticking on their grill, under or over-cooking, or and have a difficult time flipping it. And when you force your flip you end up disintegrating your meat and that's it, your whole food presentation is ruined. Here are few tips you can do to prevent food from sticking to your grill:

Clean Your Grid. Food residues that are left on your grid from previous grilling session can cause your or generally unpleasant to view.. Giving your napoleon cooking grid a nice clean will keep your food from sticking and overall improve the grilling experience. The trick is to clean your grid with the use of a grid brush and do it while it is still hot so you can easily remove the residues.

Pre-heat Your Grill. When you place your food directly into the grill without pre-heating it, your food will likely fix itself to the grid. Without sufficient conductive heat in the metal, a chemical bond will form between your cooking grid and your food.

Oil Your Food. Oil your food using a high smoke point so the oil won't break, carbonize and smoke quickly. Avocado, peanut or safflower oil are the most ideal for easy grilling session.

Lastly, only use a top quality grill that is made with premium materials such as our Napoleon charcoal grill. Just follow all the tips that are mentioned above and you will surely have non-stick grilling experience. Contact The Fireplace Showcase to learn more about Napoleon charcoal grill.

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