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Pellet Stove Advantages

6 September 2019      

The Fireplace Showcase, Pellet Stove in Seekonk, MA

Homeowners today increasingly turn to pellet stoves to heat their living space for good reason. Pellet stoves burn cleanly, produce massive heat, and require little maintenance. People who own pellet stoves absolutely love them.

Pellet stoves offered by The Fireplace Showcase in Seekonk, MA are beautiful in both form and function. These are great for homeowners who are conscious of living in an eco-friendly manner. They will reduce your carbon footprint because they burn renewable fuel. A pellet stove is a heating appliance that is similar to a woodstove, but instead of burning firewood, it burns compressed hardwood pellets. The pellets are made from compressed sawdust and waste wood that would be dumped into landfills or left to rot in the forest. To ensure the stove burns clean and hot, it is important to buy high-quality hardwood pellets from a manufacturer.

A pellet stove has a combustion blower that pulls outside air into the stove through a fresh-air vent and then blows out smoke and fumes through a stainless-steel exhaust vent. There is also a convection blower that draws room air into the stove and blows heated air into the room through a series of heat-exchange tubes. The stove will automatically deliver heat, based on the thermostat setting. All you need to do is keep the hopper filled with pellets. Pellet stoves burn so hot and clean that there is very little ash left behind.

Just to keep in mind though, the stove must be set onto a fire-resistant surface, such as tile or stone. So if the room has hardwood, vinyl, carpeting, or any other combustible flooring, the stove has to be set onto an approved hearth pad. Likewise, the exact type of venting required depends on the stove's proximity to windows and doors. It is also advisable to install a ceiling fan in the room with the pellet stove. Then run the fan in reverse to blow heat trapped at the ceiling down into the room.

They can help you reduce your carbon chips, bark, materials and other derived from plants. Normally, these materials would be placed in landfills, but turning them into pellet fuel has become a great way to re-purpose them into green energy. They are also low-carbon, so by burning them you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when you choose a pellet stove installation over other heating options.

Pellet stoves are very dense and efficient, so they release much less air outdoors than do alternative heating options like a wood stove. They also produce very little ash and do not generate chimney creosote which allows you to worry less about doing any major cleaning. Some models even come with automatic cleaning cycles that will make maintenance even easier. Pellet stoves often come with extra-large ash pans so you don’t have to worry about emptying them very often.

Not only are pellet stoves extremely environmentally friendly, but they can also save you money. Investing in a pellet stove installation is a smart financial decision when you compare it to the cost of heating your home with fuel oil or propane. While you will have to purchase bags of pellet fuel, you will not go through them very quickly. You will probably only have to load pellets once every day or two.

Another great advantage to a pellet stove installation is that you can choose one that fits in with your decor. They tend to come in many different styles so you can choose what color, finish, and trim works best in your home.

To top it all, the biggest advantage of pellet stoves is their safety as they pose virtually no fire hazard. It is safe enough to leave a pellet stove burning while you are out and it will continue to burn unattended as long as there are pellets to burn.

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