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Pellet Stoves and Inserts for a Warmer Winter – Providence , RI

24 January 2014      

The temperatures are way below average cold. The easiest way to improve your home heating this winter is with a new pellet stove. Pellet stoves are easy to install because they can be vented through any outside wall, they don’t need an existing chimney or a high-tech expensive chimney.

Pellet stoves are cleaner burning, more efficient, and powerful enough to heat an average-sized, home. For a renewable source of energy and no more fluctuating fuel costs, pellet stoves are the better way to get warmer this winter.

When you are choosing a pellet-burning stove, it's important to select one that is the right size for the space you are heating. When an appliance is too big, homeowners burn fires at a lower temperature in order to keep from overheating the space. This wasted fuel and causes air pollution. If the pellet stove is too small, you use too much fuel and you won’t be able to heat your space efficiently or adequately.

A good rule-of-thumb is that a stove rated at 60,000 Btu’s can heat a 2,000-square-foot home. Your local fireplace retailer can help you determine the right size pellet stove for your space and your lifestyle.

Traditional open fireplaces should not be used to heat your home; they are inefficient and can actually draw the heat out of your home and up your chimney. Pellet stove inserts increase the efficiency of your fireplace by allowing you to burn a hotter fire and that heat is forced out into the room. Pellet stove inserts function like wood stoves and use the existing chimney. A properly fitted pellet stove fireplace insert can function nearly as efficiently as a wood stove.

If you would like to be warmer this winter, contact The Fireplace Showcase and we can help you choose the right pellet stove or pellet stove insert for your home.

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